The 9 Sexiest Women From Bolivia

Oh, hello. Didn’t see you there!

Anyhow, today we’re counting down the nice sexiest women from Bolivia!

We’ve already covered the neighbouring Peruvian beauties as well as the neighbouring Brazilian stunners. But how does Bolivia compare?

We think it holds its own.

Let’s get into it now.

(in no particular order)

Yuvinka Añez

Yuvinka rose to fame as a competitor on the popular reality TV show Calle 7.

Daniela Cortez

Like Yuvinka, Daniela also rose to fame as a competitor on a Bolivia reality TV show (Esto Es Guerra).

Stephanie Herela

An actress from the vastly underrated city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Claudia Arce

An actress who won Miss Bolivia in 2009. She currently resides in Mexico.

Selva Jimenez

A wedding planner and TikTok star!

Maria Elena Antelo Molina

Maria Elena was crowned Miss Bolivia International 2018!

Orietta Ascarruhnz

A social media sensation who has amassed over 100,000 followers on TikTok!

Mariela Fernandez

The winner of Miss Potosí 2018, a Bolivian beauty contest.

Fernanda Rivero

Miss Beni 2021 and a candidate Miss Bolivia 2021.

Alright folks, that does is for us today!

We hoped you enjoyed reading this list of Bolivian beauties as much as we enjoyed making it!

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