The 12 Sexiest Women From Chile

Well hello my fine friends!

Today we’re counting down the sexiest women from Chile. And we’re quite excited to do so! While Chile may not be the first South American country that comes to mind when you think of sexy women, that doesn’t mean that it’s lacking.

In fact, you may be surprised by just how many beautiful women come from this charming coastal country.

Let’s get into it!

(in no particular order)

Ignacia Michelson

Ignacia Michelson rose to stardom on the Mexican reality TV show Acapulco Shore. She’s now one of Chile’s most followed instagram accounts!


A fashion and make-up Youtube guru from the underrated city of Arica, Chile.

Francisca Undurraga

An actress from the coastal resort city of Viña del Mar!

Catalina Vallejos

A Chilean model and (short-lived) telenovela actress.

Vanesa Borghi

We cheated a little! Vanesa is actually Argentinian but is a nationalized Chilean that reside in Chile. She’s a model.

Pauli Bolatti

A model and reality TV star. She was born in Argentina but lives in Chile.

Mafe Bertero

An actress from the mid-sized city of Quillota, Chile.

Vivianne Dietz

One of the country’s most famous actresses! Vivianne is from Valdivia, a mid-sized city in central Chile.

Silvina Varas

A model who rose to fame by starring on the reality show Double Temptation.

Constanza Piccoli

An actress from the bustling capital city of Santiago, Chile.

Sabrina Sosa

An actress and model. Sabrina is also from the capital Santiago.

Angie Alvarado

The daughter of Anita Alvarado, a famous Chilean actress known as the “The Chilean Geisha” (google it if you want to know why!)

Not sure about you, but these lovely ladies have us anxious to book a Chilean adventure.

Hope you enjoyed today’s post!

And, if you want to learn what girls are like in Chile (if they’re friendly, easy to meet etc) we’ve got a post especially about that.

Until next time.