The 11 Sexiest Women From Peru

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We’re here today to count down the 11 Sexiest Women from Peru!

After covering the most beautiful women in Colombia, as well as the stunning beauty queens of Venezuela, we couldn’t bring ourselves to leave out the land of the Inca! Indeed, Peru has plenty of gorgeous girls that deserve oh so much more exposure than they get.

Let’s get into it right now!

(in no particular order)

Luciana Fuster

The winner of Miss Teen Model Perú 2015-2016, who later launched a successful television career. Luciana was a competitor in the massively popular television show Esto es Guerra.

Rosangela Espinoza

A model and television host. She rose to fame after competing on the popular reality TC show Combate (a lot of famous Peruvians get their start on these reality shows!).

Melissa Paredes

A 30-year old actress and model. She’s famous for starring in the telenovelas Ojitos Hechiceros and Dos Hermanas

Mayra Goñi

An actress and singer from the capital of Lima!

Vaina Bludau

Bang Energy athlete and influencer who’s built quite the solid following on Tik-Tok!

Sheyla Rojas

A reality TV star from Chiclayo who, like others on our list, participated in both Esto Es Guerra and Combate. As we said, these shows really are a launchpad to fame in Peru!

Brunella Horna

A model, also from Chiclayo! It is said in Peru that the country’s most beautiful women come from Chiclayo.

Micheille Soifer

A singer from Lima who starred on — you guessed it — Combate and Esto Es Guerra!

Paula Manzanal

Paula was the winner of Miss Swimsuit International 2014 and former Miss Peru!

Stephanie Cayo

An actress and singer. You may know her from the massively popular Mexican television show Club de Cuervos. She was born in Lima.

Sirena Ortiz

An actress who rose to stardom via Tik-Tok!

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