The 18 Sexiest Women From Venezuela

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We’re back at it yet again. This time, to count down the 18 Sexiest Women from Venezuela. And as a country known for beauty queens and beauty pageants, the standard is indeed high.

So, let’s get into it!

Here are a handful of drop-dead beauties from Venezuela.


Sheryl Rubio

A model, singer, fashion designer, dancer and songwriter. Sheryl does a bit of everything it seems! However, this girl from Caracas is primarily known for her starring role on the Netflix series The House of Flowers


Corina Smith

A singer from the capital of Caracas. Turning heads for her stunning body as well as her voice.

Osmariel Villalobos

A TV host, a model and a beauty pageant winner from the oil rich city of Maracaibo.

Yuvanna Montalvo

A model and actress. Although she didn’t have the massive career success as some others on the list, she’s still done very well for herself! In fact, she’s one of the most-followed Instagram accounts in the country.

Rosmeri Marval

An actress and model who skyrocketed to success thanks to her role on the popular telenovela Somos Tú y Yo.

Gabriela Isler

Gabriela Isler was Miss Universe 2013! And we can certainly see why.

Karlis Romero

An Instagram influencer and model who’s amassed a huge following on the platform!

Vanessa Suárez

An actress singer and model who, like Rosmeri Marval, rose to stardom thanks to her role in the telenovela Somos Tú y Yo. Vanessa is currently pursuing career opportunities in Mexico City.

Valeria Carruyo

Primarily a Tik-Tok star! If you’re too old to know what Tik-Tok is (or how anyone can be a ‘star’ in it), we won’t hold that against you.

Ninoska Vasquez

A model and beauty queen from the city of Barquisimeto

Edymar Martinez

A model and…you guessed it: beauty queen! She hails from the city of Puerto La Cruz.

Patricia Zavala

A model and television host, that hosts the popular program called Coffee Break on E! Entertainment’s Latin American station.

Keisy Sayegh

Now an Instagram influencer in her own right, Keisy got her start on YouTube creating content about food and daily life in Caracas. Her videos are intelligent and informative; Keisy is definitely more than just a pretty face!

Andrea Valentina Carrillo

A social media star who gained popularity on the short-lived Vine platform. Fortunately for her, she was able to replicate her popularity on Instagram. She’s a lawyer by profession, as well as a trained ballerina.

Irene Esser

Irene Esser finished second runner up in Miss Universe 2012 (we think she should have won, for what it’s worth)

Maria Fernanda

Another Tik-Tok star who is gaining an incredible amount of social media popularity! Chances are she’ll be able to leverage that into a successful modelling or acting career.

Isabella Rodriguez

Isabella was Miss Venezuela 2018. She rose to fame from humble beginnings, being born in the slum city of Petare, which lies just outside of Caracas.

Marielena Davila

An actress and singer, who is the daughter of actress Chiquinquirá Delgado and actor Guillermo Dávila.

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Hope you enjoyed what is perhaps our best “Sexiest Women” list to date (don’t worry — there’ll be more lists to come).

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