The 16 Sexiest Women From Brazil

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Today we’re traveling to the land of sun, sex and samba to bring you the 16 sexiest women from Brazil!

And boy oh boy you won’t want to miss this one!

As a country known for producing beautiful women at mass scale, this was no easy task. But, as always, we did our best to not disappoint. After all, any job worth doing is worth doing well.

Fortunately these ladies made for a very aesthetic research project.

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(in no particular order)


As (probably) the most famous Brazilian recording artist of the moment, we weren’t about to leave Anitta off the list! This girl from Rio de Janeiro has taken the music world by storm.

Bruna Marquezine

Although not extremely well-known outside of Brazil, she is extremely known in Brazil and is in fact one of the biggest stars in the country. We didn’t hesitate to put this actress from Rio de Janeiro on our list!

Camila Queiroz

An actress and model from Ribeirão Preto. She’s best known for her role on the popular telenovela Verdades Secretas (True Secrets). Camila is certainly one of Brazil’s hottest actresses at the moment!

Isis Valverde

From the state of Minas Gerais, this actress rose to fame through a starring role on a telenovela! This is a trend you’re likely to notice, by the way. Many Brazilian actresses get their starts on telenovelas or ‘soap operas’, which are massively popular in the country.

Adriana Lima

If you were born in the 80s or early 90s, you’ll definitely know who this is! This model from Salvador, Bahia was once the most famous Victoria’s Secret angel. She’s in her 40s now and still looks phenomenal!

Marina Ruy Barbosa

A child actress from Rio de Janeiro who came to fame via — you guessed it — a telenovela! At 26 years old, she’s likely still got a long career ahead of her.

Camila Coelho

An ‘internet celebrity’ who rose to fame through YouTube and her blog. Lifestyle, makeup tutorials, beauty tips…this sort of thing. She’s has many fans and admirers…and it’s not difficult to see why! She’s stunning!

Sabrina Sato

A Brazilian television presenter and one of the country’s most beloved stars. She’s also a testament to Brazil’s diversity! Her father is half-Swiss and half-Lebanese, and her mother is Japanese.

Patrícia Poeta

A Brazilian newscaster and journalist. Brains and beauty! What more could one ask for? Patricia hails from  São Jerônimo in the State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Anne Barreto

Anne is a model and YouTuber from beautiful Bahia, Brazil. She certainly holds up the reputation that state has for pretty girls!

Sophie Charlotte

A German-Brazilian actress who’s seen whopping success in the Brazilian world of telenovelas. She is naturally beautiful but doesn’t flaunt it — her Instagram feed is very tasteful! Respect.

Débora Nascimento

A Brazilian actress best known to international audiences for playing Martina in The Incredible Hulk. An excellent casting decision as far as we’re concerned!

Sofia Resing

A Brazilian model from Porto Alegre. 5′ 11″. Signed by top modelling agents in 10 countries. Based in New York. Yeah, it’s fair to say she’s made it and more than deserves her place on our list! 

Flavia Pavanelli

An actress, influencer and model who’s developed a massive following on social media. We only expect her to grow in popularity in the coming years!

Luma Grothe

An actress and model, like oh-so-many on our list. But we’re not complaining!

Giovanna Lancellotti

A Brazilian actress from Ribeirao Preto in the state of São Paulo. I don’t know about you but we’re about ready to book a flight down south right about now…

Alright folks, that does it for us! 

The 16 sexiest women from Brazil.


In any case, hopefully you’ve enjoyed the post and drummed up some motivation to go and visit this wonderful country! 

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