The 14 Sexiest Women From Colombia

Hello dear friends!

I’ve been partial to making lists lately, and this is one you’re not going to want to miss! Today, I’m counting down the 14 sexiest women from Colombia.

Not an easy task for a country with so many gorgeous girls. But I will concede that the research phase was rather pleasant.

Hope you enjoy.


(in no particular order)

Greeicy Rendon

As one of Colombia’s biggest celebrities right now, we’d be remiss not to include Greeicy on our list! This 28 year old singer and actress from Cali has taken the Spanish speaking world by storm.

Paulina Vega Dieppa

The 2014 Miss Universe winner from Barranquilla, Colombia! If she’s good enough to win Miss Universe she’s certainly good enough to make our list!

Jessica Cediel

A model, actress and TV host from Colombia’s capital, Bogota. Unbelievably, she’s 39 years old! Colombian women are known for aging well, but Jessica Cediel is truly on another level.

Carmen Villalobos

My childhood celebrity crush! And also the star of a handful of successful telenovelas. Although she’s not exceptionally well known outside of Colombia, there’s no doubt that Carmen Villalobos is one of the country’s most beautiful women.

Ana Sofía Henao

This model and author from Medellin makes heads turns! And for good reason. She also wrote a book, which no one else on our list has done…respect for the intellect.

Melina Ramirez

A model turned TV presenter from Cali. She’s amassed 4.5 million followers on Instagram, so we certainly aren’t her only fans!

Alejandra Buitrago

A — you guessed it — model and TV presenter (noticing a trend yet?). This one is from Pereira, an extremely underrated Colombian city for sexy women.

Laura Sánchez 

An Instagram model and content creator. And a very popular one at that! She boasts nearly 1.5 million followers on the platform.

Laura Daniela Henao

A fashion model living in Mexico City, Mexico. Fun-fact: many Colombian and Argentinian models relocate to Mexico City for better opportunities. It’s up to you how you choose to use this information.


Catalina Otálvaro

A model and social media sensation from Cali! Who is now apparently also a DJ…props to her for branching out.

Sara Orrego

A model from Medellin. And although models from Medellin are a dime a dozen, Sara Orrego has surpassed most of them in popularity, boasting over 2 million Instagram followers.

Elizabeth Loaiza

A model, beauty queen and, wait…helicopter pilot. Man, these girls never cease to amaze me! Here she is striking a pose.

Daniela Botero

A model who has graced her fair share of magazine covers…and it’s not difficult to see why!

Karol G

Love her or hate her, she’s gotta be on the list — she is currently one of Colombia’s biggest stars! Apart from her illustrious singing career, she’s known for having quite the bodacious backside (which is the subject of more than a few of her songs!)


And there you have it folks! The 14 sexiest women from Colombia.

What more can I say that the photos don’t already articulate.

Anyhow, I hope you’ve enjoyed the post and provided some motivation to visit this welcoming and magical South American nation.

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And that’s about it for me ladies and gentlemen.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the women of this fine country (who wouldn’t!), you can read my detailed post on Colombian girls.

Aside from that, I wish you a splendid day.


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