The 100 Best Blogs About Latin America

Friends, enemies, admirers and haters!

I’ve another post for you today. This time, I’ll be talking about the best blogs about Latin America.

First, we’ll break down some good blogs that cover the entire region, and then we’ll get into specific countries.

Strap yourself in, because this will be a long list.

But! It’ll be worth your time.

Lots of good stuff here for the Latin America enthusiast.

Perhaps too much…

Since it would take me time I don’t have to include a brief description of every one of these fine blogs, instead, I’m simply going to place stars (like this: ***) by my favourites and mention why I’m a fan.

Let’s get down to it.

Here are the best blogs about Latin America.



Best General Latin America Blogs

Nomadic Hustle ***Covers everything a hopeful digital nomad would need to know about several LATAM countries

Two Weeks Notice

Destination Next Home

Joy And Journey

Biz Latin Hub

Bloggings By Boz ***Excellent insights from a Latin American analyst

Latin Atlas

Brooklyn Tropicali

Nathan Lustig

Latin American Post

Local Aventura

Expat Chronicles ***Tales, musings and analyses from a man with extensive experience in Latin America

LATAM Capitalist ***Great resource on living and investing in Latin America

Linguist Lifestyle

…and, of course, My Latin Life ***My blog. One of the best ones out there for general Latin America interest


Best Mexico Blogs

Northern Lauren

David Lida ***Talks about the lesser-visited areas of Mexico City. One of the better-written blogs from the capital

MexExperience ***The best resource for those looking to live in Mexico. All the ins and outs.

Gringos Locos 6

Yucatan Living

Two Expats Mexico


The World Or Bust

The Mexico Report

The Curious Mexican

Good Food Mexico ***Does an excellent job of showing the variety and creativity of Mexican cuisine

Expats In Mexico

Mexico News Daily

Tex Mex Expats

No Hay Bronca

Mexico City Streets

Mexico City Ambles ***Ugly-looking site, but it has some of the most in-depth English info you’ll find on Mexico City

Best Colombia Blogs

Cali Adventurer ***Best blog about Cali (by far). Also covers living/investing in Colombia

Medellin Living ***Everything you’d need to know about Medellin



Banana Skin Flip Flops

Richard Mccoll ***Very well-written blog on all-things Colombia. This man knows his stuff. Podcast is top notch, too

Medellin Buzz

Medellin Guru ***A high-quality, informative blog on life in Medellin. Lots of great information about visas.

Barranquilla Or Bust

How To Bogota

Colombia Reports

Best Ecuador Blogs

Discover Cuenca Ecuador

Life In Quito

Ecuador Times

Gringos Abroad ***Impressive resource on how to navigate life as an expat in Ecuador

Gringo Tree

Cuenca High Life ***Best resource on living/relocating to Ecuador

Cuenca Eats

Ecuador Times

Best Chile Blogs

Lauren On Location

Gringa Journeys

Querida Recoleta

All Chile ***A forum that boasts an incredible wealth of information about living in Chile

Bear Shaped Sphere

Our Chilean Adventure

The Santiago Times

Best Brazil Blogs

Brazilian Gringo ***One of the most comprehensive resources on life in Brazil

Visit Brasil

Rio Hunter

Rio De Janeiro

What About Sao Paulo ***A great blog on Brazil’s largest city (often overlooked by tourists)

Eat Rio

Living It Brazilian

Rio Real

The Brazil Business

Observing Brazil

Brazil Eco Tour

The Rio Times


Ok, I cheated.

There’s a few more than 100.

But apologize I will not!

Anyhow, this should be more than enough to keep all my Latin Americanists busy.

If you know of any other blogs that deserved to be mentioned, or if you have a blog about Latin America that you’d like to be included, simply leave a comment below!

Hope you’ve enjoyed it.

Happy reading!

Until next time,


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