5 Sensational Remote Working Spots in South America

This is a guest post by Aimee Laurence

Remote working is changing the way we live. No longer bound to a traditional office, working from home permanently means making our home where we please – all you need is an internet connection.

The freedom that has presented to intrepid souls who wish to see the world is unique. Others, meanwhile, are leaving suburbia and heading for remote paradises which they previous could only have dreamed of visiting briefly on vacation. South America is a continent which serves up its fair share of beauty spots. As a remote worker, why not try out one of these five incredible remote working possibilities, either on a temporary basis, or as a permanent new lifestyle.


Medellín, Colombia

Don’t be perturbed by the violence of shows such as Narcos, Colombia really can offer an incredible experience, and as long as you keep your wits about you, you need not be overly concerned (and after all, there are plenty of other places you could say the same about in the U.S. and Europe). Medellín is beautifully located in a valley surrounded by gorgeous rolling mountains, and as this is Colombia, the coffee cannot be beaten.

“A number of chic cafes line the streets of the city, and the affordable lifestyle on offer is just another tick in the column which also includes great Wifi services – even some of the parks in the city offer Wifi to boot. Oh, and the weather is gorgeous too,” enthuses Monique Angelo, a remote writer at Custom Writing Online and PaperFellows.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

Okay, so not technically South America, but Latin America. Puerto Rico is closely aligned with the U.S. and San Juan can offer you one of the best experiences in this friendly country. The weather here averages around 80 degrees all year round, and the sea is a beautiful blue that will never fail to entice you. As well as the beaches and outdoor life, San Juan is also attracting a number of startups and a thriving digital community that you can rub noses with working remotely. It’s got everything going for it.


Florianopolis, Brazil

As a foreigner, you could not feel more welcomed than you will be in Brazil. The people in Brazil love life, and Florianopolis certainly has a great lifestyle to offer, with great beaches, fantastic weather in summer, and a fascinating culture to explore too, wit incredible food. The south of Brazil has good infrastructure too and so you will have all your digital needs catered for while experiencing life in this buzzing coastal city, which is small by Brazilian standards.

“Florianopolis is experiencing somewhat of a tech revolution, so now is a great time to get involved in the growing community of remote workers and local entrepreneurs who are making this a future hotspot of creativity and tech innovation,” says Andrew Sherman, a tech blogger at Academized and Big Assignments.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Argentina’s capital is well-known, and for good reason. It is a place of incredible culture, with a distinct European feel blended nicely with the new world of America. The architecture is stunning, and the infrastructure good by South American standards. The city is alive 24 hours a day and features a mesh of cultures which add to the mix of food, music and history which make Buenos Aires one of the world’s favorite destinations. You will not fail to fall in love with this incredible city, and it is also thriving as a digital hub, full of young entrepreneurs and creativity which will not fail to inspire you.


Cuenca, Ecuador

A little more off the beaten path than some of the places on the list, Cuenca is nevertheless a destination that you will fall in love with due to its good weather, great outdoor attractions such as hiking, and warm and friendly people. There is a strong expat community in Cuenca too, so you will be met by a nice blend of locals and other intrepid souls. From a remote working perspective, there are a handful of amenable cafes offering Wifi connections to facilitate your needs, while the cost of living is cheap by U.S. standards so you can sustain yourself on quite a reasonable budget. The food is incredible too, so Cuenca is definitely a place you will be glad you made your way to.

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