Is Rio de Janeiro A Good Choice For Single Men?

Hey, fellas! Ol’ Vance back at it again. This time, to give you the lowdown on “The Marvelous City,” otherwise known as Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Is it good for single men?

Its reputation famous the world over for its sexy women, pristine beaches and warm culture certainly suggest so!

Combine that with sunny skies, a dynamic nightlife scene and stunning geography, and you’d assume you’ve got a top-notch city on your hands.

But does it live up to the hype?

In recent years, Brazil has undergone some changes, not all of which have been positive. The country is in an economic slump, tourism is down, crime is up and American values have begun inching their way into Brazilian life. Unfortunately, that means that obesity and feminism are not as foreign here as they once were.

So, is it still worth the trip down south?

Let’s find out if Rio de Janeiro is a paradise for single men!



Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Woman Rating 4.5/5

Luckily for us, one thing that hasn’t changed much in Brazil is the high quality of women. Genetics are genetics, after all, and Brazilian women boast some of the best in the world. Thanks to its history and diverse ethnic populations (as well as having high African and European populations, Brazil also has significant Japanese and Middle Eastern communities), a lot of mixing has occurred here. This means that you’ll be able to find girls of all stripes in Rio de Janeiro. Whether your flavor is Black, White, Asian, Indigenous, Arab or a bit of everything, there will be something for you here to enjoy. And, although you’ll see a few more heavy-set gals on the beaches and meet a few more man-haters in the clubs than you would have 10 years ago, most Brazilian women still take very good care of their bodies and have wonderful personalities.

When it comes to meeting girls in Rio, you’ll have to adopt a more aggressive angle than in other Latin American countries. While a more direct approach is good general advice for all South America, Brazil takes this heuristic to a new level. If you do not escalate sexual tension quickly enough in a bar or nightclub, the girl will move on and it’s not likely she’ll give you another chance. This is different from, say, Mexico City or Bogota, where the girls still expect you to make your move fast, but won’t necessarily blow you off if you don’t. If you’re not used to this type of style, it will take you awhile to adjust. I know it did for me. If you’re not having much luck with the ladies out of the gate, or if a girl that seems into you suddenly ghosts, it is probably because you’re not moving fast enough.

English levels are lower here than one might expect. However, if you stick to the areas of Leblon, Copacabana and Ipanema, most younger women will have at least a basic knowledge. There’s plenty of nightlife in these areas, too. As in any Latin country, I recommend taking some time to get the basics of the language down (in the case of Brazil, Portuguese). This will set you apart from other foreigners in Brazil and vastly expand your dating options.

If P4P is more your style, you’re in luck! There’s plenty of that action as well. I’d suggest checking out the neighborhoods of Lapa or Copacabana. I expect you’ll have to pay more than you would in Colombia or Mexico, but I doubt you’ll be disappointed quality-wise.

Finally, for the online daters, Brazil Cupid continues to work very well here – there are plenty of stunning and willing women on the site. If you’re planning a trip to Rio, it would be wise to set up an account to plan a few dates before you arrive. It’ll save you time if you rustle something up before you get boots on the ground. Not to mention, your gal can show you around from the moment you step off the plane (maybe even pick you up from the airport if you’re lucky!).


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Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Cost of Living Rating 3.5/5

One major downside of Rio de Janeiro is its high cost of living relative to other South American destinations. If you want to live the good life here, i.e. a nice apartment in a safe and central area, and going out 2 or 3 nights a week, you’re going to need about $2500-$3000 a month. Although the cost of living here is cheaper than in major American cities, if you’re used to Colombia, Mexico or Southeast Asia, you’ll be in for a shock. The bulk of your budget is likely to be consumed by rent and entertainment. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in a nice area like Leblon will be $1000/month or more. Taxis, UBERs and cocktails all cost substantially more than in other major Latin America cities such as Lima, Bogota or Mexico City. Fortunately, there is an abundance of fresh fruit, vegetables and meat here, so it is possible to keep food costs down.

Although Rio is not exactly suited for the budget traveler, there are still plenty of ways to keep expenses low. Social life in Rio is centered around the city’s beautiful beaches, which cost nothing to visit. There are also several outdoor exercise parks to take advantage of. Opting to do your socializing at the beach and forgoing a gym membership for a workout under the sun are two simple ways to cut costs.


Rio de Janeiro – Quality of Life Rating 4/5

There is no arguing that Rio de Janeiro offers a splendid quality of life; it’s hard to be depressed when you’re in a city jammed to the rim with gorgeous women, scenic beaches and the type of weather that allows you to enjoy both year-round. The laid-back, friendly nature of the Brazilian people will make you feel welcome, even if you don’t speak the language. You’ll find that making local friends is much easier here than in other parts of the world, or even in other parts of Latin America. In general, women aren’t flakey and won’t normally hit you up for money. Of course, there are exceptions, but if a Carioca has agreed to go on a date with you, it probably means she likes you and is not simply using you as a meal ticket.

But, alas, nowhere is perfect.

Just about the only thing that puts a damper on Rio, a city that would otherwise offer perfect quality of life for both long and short term travelers, is crime.

Violence and crime has always been a dark cloud that hangs over this enchanting city, but in recent years, things have gotten even worse. Brazil’s recent economic downturn has coincided with an uptick in crime – and it’s not just locals that are being victimized.

Even the once-safe tourist areas of Copacabana and Ipanema are being heavily targeted by thieves and pickpockets. And unfortunately, violent crime is not unheard of. There have been multiple reports of tourists being assaulted and/or held up at knife or gunpoint for their belongings.

While most visitors have a great time here and come out unscathed, the insecurity of the city is a legitimate cause for concern.

As a rule, do not walk anywhere at night. As soon as the sun goes down, take an UBER or radio taxi to and from your destination. Don’t mess around! If you follow that rule, keep your wits about you during the day, dress down and don’t show any signs of wealth, I doubt you’ll have any serious issues.



Women 4.5/5

Cost of Living 3.5/5

Quality of Life 4/5

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 12/15


By all accounts, Rio de Janeiro is a spectacular city for a single guy. There’s nothing else like it in Latin America, a region where it’s near impossible to find a major city that boasts beautiful women, vibrant nightlife and stunning beaches. Not to mention the warmth and openness of the Brazilian people. Their love of life is truly contagious, and I’m willing to bet that, as a tourist, you’ll feel more welcome in Brazil than in any other South American nation.

However, all of this doesn’t come without a trade-off. As I mentioned before, two major deterrents to visiting Rio de Janeiro are insecurity and high cost of living. This is no small compromise, particularly for people considering a long-term stay in the city. Prospective travelers to South America that are looking for beautiful women and a good party scene that comes with a lower price tag may be better off in Bogota, Colombia (if they don’t mind the lack of beaches and a bit of dreary weather, mind you).

But, for those with a bigger budget, an affinity for beach-life and who don’t mind a bit of danger (makes things more exciting!) I can think of no better destination than Rio de Janeiro.

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