Best Countries To Learn Spanish In Latin America

Early on in your Spanish-language-learning journey, you need small wins.

The first few months of learning a new language will be the toughest – and you don’t want the enthusiasm knocked out of you when you are at year weakest.

You want to gain some quick confidence having conversations in your target language with native speakers. Plus, take it from me (and thousands of other language learners) you will progress much faster and reach a much higher level of fluency if you fall in love with the culture and the girls in that county.

You don’t want to pick up an ugly accent either, do you? Where can you make big improvements with your Spanish?

Here are the most popular destinations in Latin America learning Spanish.


Fairly clear to understand.  If you learn Peruvian Spanish your accent will be clear. English levels amongst the 18-29 crowd are good in Lima (Miraflores, Barranco and San Isidrio areas). This can be a plus or a minus depending on how you look at it. You will have plenty of girls who understand English so they can translate for you when you are lost. However, to learn Spanish quickly, you need the discomfort of throwing yourself in the deep end and avoiding the English language as much as possible.


Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba

Spanish: The hardest Spanish accents to understand. Think of a person with no English moving to Glasgow, Scotland. The Caribbean culture is very friendly so people will stop, talk to you and help you out. English levels are very low outside of people who work in tourism or have lived in the US so you will sink or swim, learn Spanish or struggle.



Spanish: The clearest Spanish accent of all. Mexican Spanish is easier for beginners to understand. English levels are decent, especially on the coasts, big cities and among the younger generation. If you end up speaking with a Mexican accent you will speak clearly. Mexico is my number one pick if learning Spanish is your goal.


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Spanish: The accent is clear in Bogota and Medellin. Near the coast in places like Barranquilla the accent gets closer to the Caribbean style with dropped consonants and a faster rhythm. English levels are low amongst the general population and outside of Bogota and Medellin. Also, it’s quite funny to hear the young people call each other “marica” (h*mo) between friends.



Spanish: The Argentine accent is very distinctive due to the influence of all the immigrants who created the country. For levels of English, I put Argentina on a par with Peru. Overall, it’s great country to learn Spanish in with the nature, food, wine etc. It’s a very popular destination for overseas students so don’t fall into the trap of spending all your time with fellow English speakers.


I know I said this article would review countries in Latin America but for those guys who are looking across the Atlantic, I’ll throw in a review of Spain:


Spanish: The accent is very fast. Peninsular Spanish is to Latin American Spanish what British English is to American English. You will find lots of people who speak English in the tourist zones of Barcelona and Madrid but nowhere else.

 So there it is – some things to consider when choosing your Spanish learning destination.

There are many other countries that I haven’t covered yet so stay tuned!

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