Dominican Girls: My Honest Thoughts

Hey everybody, I’m Rick and this article will be based upon my experience with Dominican girls.

To start, I’ll tell you a little about myself.

I grew up and Canada and actually went to school with Vance, the author of this blog (not his real name, by the way!).

My trips to the Dominican Republic date back a ways — beginning when I was 14 years old, my family and I would take our winter breaks in Punta Cana. The first couple years we stayed in resorts, but the last few years we opted for a house by the beach.

These family trips continued until I was 19 years old.

As you might have guessed the focus of these trips wasn’t women — I was with family and arguably too young at first to engage…but I wasn’t blind!

And that’s why I decided to go back to live.

Early 20s. 9 months in Punta Cana, 3 months in Santo Domingo.

What I tell you about Dominican women will be based on that as opposed to the time I spent their with family.

Allow me to begin.

Cultural And Language Struggles

I will start with the things that I had the most trouble with upon arriving which were the language and some cultural aspects. This is important because if you’re new to the country and culture you may struggle with the same things.

I drastically overestimated my Spanish language skills. Having taken Spanish in school and having used it on trips with family, I assumed I would be just fine communicating here in the Dominican Republic.

Soon, I discovered that wasn’t going to be true!

In reality, I could say some words and phrases in español, but I couldn’t understand anything that was said to me.

As far as meeting Dominican girls went, this proved a bit of a struggle. Those that didn’t speak any English were not available to me until I improved my language skills.

I suggest learning basic Spanish before you go to dodge this.

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Another struggle I had was with the culture, although this was more minor than my lack of Spanish. Girls in the Dominican Republic are quite extroverted. There is a big focus on dancing and no inhibition regarding being the center of attention! This is a positive quality, but coming from Canada where girls are generally more reserved, it took awhile to get used to.

As an extension of this, Dominican girls will expect you to make a move on them (kiss them or initiate physical contact of some kind) much faster than you might be used to if you are from the United States or Canada.

If you don’t, they may think you don’t like them or something is wrong with you!

Again, this is not a negative quality, but just keep it in mind.


What Do Dominican Girls Look Like?

Something else I imagine you’re curious about is the physical appearance of Dominican women.

Well, they kind of run the spectrum!

This country has a higher black population than many Latin American countries — estimated at about 30% of the population, so it is definitely a visible demographic here.

However, I found that most of the population is mixed between White, Black and/or Native American (Taino).

Skin tones will vary from completely black to completely white and everything in between.

Now, perhaps the attributes that women from the Dominican Republic are most known for is their amazing bodies.

I can confirm this — you will not be disappointed on this front!

If you’re into curves, big boobs and bums, this island very well might turn out to be your slice of Latin American paradise.

While you’ll certainly encounter obesity as you would in most every Latin American country, generally speaking, girls in the Dominican Republic take care of their bodies and are fit.

In fact, I would say that Dominican girls can compete with the sexiest Colombian girls.

Dominican volleyball player Winifer Fernandez is a good example of what a mixed Dominican girl will look like.

How To Meet Women In The Dominican Republic

Moving on!

Another thing that was a mystery to me upon arriving alone to this country was this:

How do Dominicans receive foreigners? How and where can I meet girls? Is it normal to approach in public?

In reality, I had many more questions. Fortunately things soon became clear.

The first thing you ought to know is that Dominican culture is extremely flirtatious.

It can almost feel as though — if you’re not constantly hitting on women — people will think there’s something wrong with you!

Again: something that took getting used to.

Considering this, it’s rather easy to meet Dominican women during the day, in a mall or a park, or in the evening, at a bar or nightclub.

They are receptive to being approached (and even expect it!). No problems here.

However, when I didn’t speak much Spanish I found things difficult. If you approach a girl that doesn’t speak English…well, chances are things aren’t going anywhere. It resulted in a lot of wasted time and effort.

For that reason, I highly suggest online dating when you first arrive, and/or if you’re not proficient in Spanish.

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Online dating will allow you to filter for the girls that speak English as well as for those who are receptive to meeting. Ultimately, this will save you a lot of time and effort here in the beginning stages. And there are A LOT of Dominican women that use online dating…if you don’t want, you’d never have to approach in person!

In short, places like malls, parks, the beach (if applicable), bars, nightclubs and online are all suitable places to meet girls on this island.

PS. They are very receptive to foreigners. You will not be at a disadvantage as a foreigner dating in the Dominican Republic!


Does Tinder Work In The Dominican Republic?

Yes! Tinder is an excellent resource to use to meet girls in the Dominican Republic.

In part, both Tinder and Dominican Cupid work well here because online dating has exploded in popularity in recent years. This is no surprise — given the country’s proximity to the United States, such trends tend to take hold faster here than in Latin American countries that are a bit further south.

If you’re into online dating, you’re in luck, because it works well here.

If you’ve never tried online dating, this is a perfect place to give it a try.


Where You Can Meet Dominican Girls

I’ll briefly mention where I believe the best cities are for meeting Dominican girls.

As I mentioned before, I lived in both Punta Cana and Santo Domingo. And while Punta Cana was great, there was one major disadvantage: a lot of prostitution!

This was easy enough to avoid, but it would often happen that a girl that I thought wasn’t ‘working’ actually, well, was. If a woman approaches you in Punta Cana and it seems organic, be a bit suspicious. It may only be a matter of time before she brings up her…rates.

This isn’t a big deal — a simple, I’m not interested (no estoy interesado, gracias) will suffice. But it was someone irritating at times.

For this reason, I’d say Santo Domingo is better for meeting Dominican women. The saturation of prostitutes isn’t as high (although they certain exist, if that’s what you’re looking for) and the girls just seemed overall more authentic.

Furthermore, as the country’s biggest city, you’ll find girls from all over the country here.

It’s also good for living, as the city offers a lot of different cultural attractions and things to do.

If you want to live in a slightly smaller city, I recommend Santiago. Although it has less to do than Punta Cana or Santo Domingo, I found the girls even more receptive here when I travelled for a week-long trip.

However, keep in mind that if you want to venture to the smaller cities of this country, you will absolutely need to know some Spanish. English speakers in second tier cities of the Dominican Republic are few and far between.

That said, it is WELL WORTH THE INVESTMENT. Your popularity as a foreigner will skyrocket in smaller cities if you come equipped with basic Spanish.

Again, I recommend the city of Santiago if you choose to go this route — the women are among the most beautiful in the country.


In my opinion, the best cities for meeting Dominican women are as follows:

Santo Domingo

Punta Cana

Puerto Plata


San Francisco


Personalities And Values

If you’re anything like I was, you’re likely curious about the personalities of women in the Dominican Republic.

Are they friendly?


Open to dating foreigners?

Let’s get into it!

We’ll start with the positives.

Dominican women are extremely sweet and caring. With a Dominican girlfriend, you’ll never feel neglected! Many will cook and clean for you (this was strange to me at first, coming from Canada). Let them know they aren’t obliged to do such things, but show gratitude if/when they do…they may even get offended if you try to help with these tasks!

An additional thing you’ll notice is that women from the Dominican republic are — for a lack of a better term — optimistic. No matter how bad things are, economically or otherwise, they always have a positive attitude and a fun, whimsical approach to life and social situations. This isn’t only true for females, generally speaking, most folks on this island are happy and fun-loving. The attitude is intoxicating! If you find a Dominican girlfriend, I have no doubt you’ll start looking on the positive side of life a bit more.

But it’s not all sunshine and butterflies.

Let’s get into some of the more negative qualities.

The first thing worth mentioning is gold-digging and materialism.

Unfortunately, I did find this a bit of an issue. Some will try to use you for money…I discovered this the hard way. I dated a girl for awhile who would ask me to lend her money, pay for haircuts, etc. It didn’t last long due to this. I later found out she had a boyfriend while she was with me! In retrospect, I’m sure he knew about me and was even encouraging his girlfriend to get money out of me.

This is also one of the downsides of (some) Cuban women.

In any case, this is something you have to look out for here. It’s hard to blame them — economically, life is difficult here for many.

…and before I get attacked in the comment section, let me make something clear:


Not even the majority.

But I’d be at fault not to warn the readers.

Another thing to look out for are pregnancy scams! A possible scam here against foreigners is for a girl to claim she is pregnant with your baby, when she isn’t. She may not be pregnant at all…or be pregnant with someone else’s baby. This, obviously, is to guilt you to send money after you leave.

I don’t want to scare anyone, but a girl did in fact try to pull this on me. And it’s happened to two of my friends, so, again, I feel I’d be at fault not to mention it. So, use protection! Simple, really. This is something you should be doing anyway.

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Some Specific Tips For Picking Up Dominican Girls

I don’t want to overwhelm anyone with “game” advice or anything like that.

Picking up girls in the Dominican Republic are really no different from girls anywhere else.

I suppose if I were to give 5 tips, they would be as follows.


1) Learn Some Spanish

This is the one thing I wish I’d done more of before I’d arrived. I would have got a lot farther with girls than I did, and I missed some opportunities with nice, wholesome girls that didn’t speak English.

Even just knowing the basics to carry on a conversation will help a lot.

Try Pick Up Spanish to learn dating-specific Spanish.

2) Don’t be timid

Another thing I wish I realized earlier is not to be timid. To be just a little more aggressive. If you like a girl and it seems she likes you, tell her! And don’t be afraid to try and kiss her if you two are close on the dance floor. I also lost out on some opportunities for dating Dominican girls simply because I was too timid to make a move.


3) Try to make local friends

Making local friends is one of the best ways to meet wholesome, family-oriented Dominican women. Some of the highest quality girls I met here were thanks to social circle.


4) Go to the Gym

There is a fairly big emphasis on physical appearance here. There are a lot of fit males and females. You don’t have to be a bodybuilder, but having some muscle on your frame will definitely help your cause here!


5) Use more than just online dating

Although sites like Dominican Cupid are among the best ways to meet Dominican girls, I recommend that you also try meeting them in person. After all, if you’re using an app your options will be limited to the girls who’ve signed up! If you like a girl you see while out, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. My dating life got better once I combine the apps with a bit of face to face interaction.



Thank you for reading guys, and thank you to Vance for giving me the opportunity to write for the blog.

I guess to just sum up I’ll say that Dominican girls are great — both physically and personality wise. If you’re interested in Latin America, you should definitely not skip this country, which is sometimes overlooked in favour of places like Mexico or Colombia.

Thanks again and buena suerte!



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