The Ultimate Wine Tasting Restaurants in Buenos Aires

*This is a guest post by Elisa Williams

Visiting great places means that you will find the most scenic places that you have ever dreamt of while having a chance to try the best wine tasting restaurants. Visiting Buenos Aires in Argentina is one of the most fascinating decisions you could make. The city boasts numerous wine tasting restaurants that are sure to satisfy all your needs during your stay. After a long day enjoying Free Walking Tours In Buenos Aires, you will need somewhere to relax and taste some wine while feeling refreshed.


Wine Tasting Restaurants in Buenos Aires

You can’t leave the city without visiting Shout Brasas and Drinks, where you will be served with over 35 different wines from the best grape producing regions in the country.

Price ranges from $50-$89.

After telling your friends about your walking tour and wine tasting experience in the city, you’ll want to pay a visit to the Bar du Marché in Palermo, where you’ll taste the most delicious types of wine served at an affordable price, starting from $32.

Another great experience and pleasure is visiting Pain et Vin in Palermo Soho. It is a fascinating wine tasting restaurant. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy the top-notch wines in the city. Prices range from $70-$180

For wine tasting enthusiasts, you’d be remiss not to visit the Almacén Otamendi located on Caballito street. It is an exclusive restaurant, where you will encounter over 300 types of wines. No matter how you like your wine, you’ll find something among the impressive selection. Prices start from $62

Another fine option is visiting the Grand Bar Danzón on Recoleta street. Here, you will be served the best-made cocktails by experts who know how to make the best mixtures from all great wines across Argentina.

Prices start from $44


Food Restaurants in Buenos Aires

Besides these wine tasting restaurants, you will come across numerous restaurants where you can enter and taste of your favorite wine. The restaurants include Aldo’s Vinoteca (18 US$ “business menu”), Lo de Joaquín Alberdi (starts from 14$), Oporto Almacén ($15 – $27), La Cava Jufré ($24-$37), Trova ($4 – ($8), and many more.

At these wine tasting restaurants, you will be served delicacies from various cultures, and you will have the opportunity to enjoy some fine wine pairings. Don’t miss the ultimate steak dinner, where you can enjoy the finest and most delicious meat served to you by the most experienced chefs.



Why Taste Wine in Buenos Aires?

Depending on your preference and type of wine you fancy, you can always get it — Argentina is known as one of the best grape producers. The best wines come from farms that have been producing wines for decades. This means you will enjoy the finest wines and cocktails. You will come across all the wondrous regions you have dreamed of visiting. It’ll make you happy and enrich your visit. You’ll want to come back and bring friends!


Walking Tours

Going for a walking tour is a great way to see Buenos Aires. You can opt to walk alone, or choose one of the group tours in the city. They have experts who will take you around the city and show you the best of the best the Argentine capital has to offer.



The best thing you can do when visiting Buenos Aires is to find the best wine tasting restaurants. Then you can go for a walking tour around the city, where you’ll have the opportunity to experience the most beautiful scenery. After the walking tour, you can come back to relax and enjoy your wine tasting endeavor, while being entertained by live bands and cool music till well into the night. There is nothing better than enjoying a glass of wine when feeling relaxed in a great wine tasting restaurant!

A big thanks to Elisa Williams for the guest post!


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