The Best Brazil Dating Sites

Are you wondering what the best Brazil dating sites are?

Great news! I’m here to answer that question in detail.

But first, I’ll clarify how I’m going to approach this article.

I’m going to make a few assumptions:

1.     You are a foreigner (i.e. not Brazilian)

2.     You are not completely fluent in Portuguese, or do not speak any at all

3.     You plan to visit Brazil, as opposed to relocate there forever

If you fit this description, read on! Because this article is for you.

Why is it important that I clarify this?

Well, Brazil is a massive country. And it has a very distinct culture; Brazil does its own thing. For instance, it doesn’t take many cues from American culture, as it the case in other Latin American countries such as Panama or Mexico.

As such, there are popular “Brazil only” dating apps (like ParPerfeito) that are very much geared to Portuguese speakers/people who live in Brazil (often, you can’t download these apps if you don’t have a Brazilian credit card linked to your app store).

Ergo, for simplicity’s sake, I won’t be including these on the list.

…Ok, great! With that out of the way, let’s get into the good stuff.


Why You Should Consider Online Dating in Brazil

Can’t I just meet women in the streets, in cafes or in bars in Brazil? Do I really need some kind of Brazil dating site?

Good question! The answer is no, you do not need a website or an app to meet Brazilian women.

That said, there are a few reasons why you may find it beneficial to use them.


Reason #1. The Language Barrier

If you don’t speak Portuguese and you’re trying to meet women while out and about, you may find it challenging and not the best use of time. You’ll more or less be shooting blind. Maybe the cute gal selling you açaí will speak English, but a lot of the time she won’t. And, if not, the conversation will basically have to end there. With online dating you can screen for girls who speak English and avoid that inconvenience. It’s helpful knowing that language barrier won’t be a factor when you’re looking to meet women. If you can filter girls from the comfort of your own home, why not do so?

Reason 2. It’s just…easier.

Let’s be honest here, folks. Trying to meet people out at bars can be time consuming. It’s a better ROI if you can do it in your downtime from the comfort of your home, hotel, hostel or Airbnb. Plus, if you can line up a few online dates, it takes the pressure off of meeting someone if you’re out at a nightclub. Much easier to relax and enjoy yourself. Better yet, with a lot of Brazil dating sites, you don’t even have to be in the country to use them to meet Brazilian girls! You can line up dates for an upcoming trip to Rio or Sao Paulo a week – or even a month or more – in advance.

Reason 3. Options.

As nice as it is meeting girls in the real world (I still HIGHLY suggest you do so, use online dating as a supplemental tool), online dating presents you with thousands of girls to choose from…and presents girls with thousands of guys to choose from. It’s impossible to interact with that many women without the use of technology. I say embrace it!

It took me awhile to pull the trigger on the online dating thing, but at the end of the day, I’m glad I did. I would have lost out on the chance to meet some great Brazilian women.


What Are Your Options?

Alright, so what are your options in terms of Brazil dating sites.

Well, as I mentioned before, for simplicities sake, we’ll stick with the best, main ones.

While there are more to choose from (hundreds, probably) the following three should be more than enough to accomplish your goals.

#1. Tinder

By now, most folks have heard of this. Tinder is by and large the world’s most used dating application. And Brazil is one of its largest markets.

Without a doubt, it’s great to have in your arsenal!

The advantages of Tinder are usability (it’s very easy to sign up; you can do so with one click via Facebook), the sheer number of users on the app – if you’re in a major city, you will never run out of new matches. One more advantage is high number of English-speaking Brazilians who use the app.

The disadvantages are that, since it’s so easy to sign up for, there is a low barrier to entry. Anyone can make an account in 5 minutes or less. This means you’ll get less serious users – girls who just use the app for attention or an ego boost with no intention of meeting anyone, or “fake” users, people who use someone else’s profile picture for nefarious reasons (maybe to rob the individual once he shows up).

Also, there are a ton of transvestites on Tinder in Brazil. It seems to be their preferred application. Nothing wrong with transvestites of course, but it could make for an awkward meetup if they don’t disclose it!

#2. Bumble.

Bumble isn’t that big in Brazil quite yet, but there are more than enough users in the major cities to earn its place on this list.

I’ve included Bumble here because it’s growing quickly both in Brazil and worldwide, and also because it has the most attractive women I’ve seen out of all the dating apps I’ve dabbled in in this fine country.

That’s a pretty big advantage! Usability is also pleasant. The interface is clean and easy to navigate.

One interesting thing about Bumble is that many of the women on the app seem to be looking for something more serious than those on Tinder, where many are OK with hooking up.

Biggest disadvantage of this app is that the women have to message the men first…and we all know how good women are at initiating conversations! Inevitably, you’ll find yourself with far fewer matches on this app than some of your other Brazil dating site alternatives.

#3. Finally, my personal favorite…the Cupid sites!

In this case, Brazil Cupid. I’m a fan of this application because there are less time-wasters. The company vets their users better than any other dating site by requiring to fill in a lot of information about themselves (what they’re looking for, if they drink, play sports, etc). If a girl goes through the sign-up process, it typically means she’s serious about actually meeting someone, as opposed to just courting attention.

On Tinder or Bumble, getting a girl to actually meet you can be like pulling teeth. On Brazil Cupid, it rarely is.

One downside of Brazil Cupid is that it’s a slightly older user base (there are more 24-40 year olds) and as a result the overall attractiveness of the women – while still good – is slightly worse than on Tinder or Bumble.


How Does Brazil Cupid Work?

If you’re interested in checking out Brazil Cupid, the sign up process is simple. Enter your name and email address to sign up for an account (completely confidential), answer some questions about who you are and what you’re looking for, upload some photos and voila! 

You’re set to go.

You’ll have to fill out a somewhat lengthy questionnaire. The questionnaire should only take about 10 minutes to complete. You’ll also have to confirm your identity (while this seems annoying it’s integral for safety purposes – such a safety measure is a major reason I prefer and trust this app over others).

They’ll confirm you got all the information right, and that’s it! You’re in.

While you can browse girls’ profiles for free for as long as your heart desires, to send and receive messages and access the full pool of Brazilian girls on the site, you’ll need to pay a small monthly fee.

We all hate fees, so I suggest signing up for free, browsing and seeing if you like what you see. If you do, pay. If you don’t, no worries! Put that credit card away.

Strategies For Messaging on Brazil Dating Apps

Hopefully you saw some potential on Brazil Cupid and decide to try it out.

If so, here are some helpful strategies when it comes to finally messaging these girls.

#1. Ask if they speak English.

If you don’t speak Portuguese, you may as well get straight to the point. Your opening message to girls can simply be ‘Ola! Do you speak English?

Or something along those lines. Those that don’t, maybe you’ll want to rule out.

#2. If you plan on travelling to Brazil, message girls a month or two before you intend to go.

The great thing about this platform is the ability to set up dates with Brazilian women before you arrive in the country. You can set up a different date 5 days of the week if you want to! For that reason, I suggest starting early. Build rapport with some of the different users on the site before you plan on travelling to the country.

And, if you don’t plan on travelling to the country, that’s fine too. Who knows what can happen in the future if you meet someone and keep in touch!

#3. If you plan on travelling to Brazil, set up dates about a week before you’re set to arrive.

Google some bars or restaurants around where you’re staying in your chosen Brazilian city and start setting up some dates with girls you’ve met on Brazil Cupid. If you do it any later than a week, the girls might be busy, and if you do it earlier, the plans might fizzle out. I’ve found 7-10 days to be the sweet spot on the Cupid apps.

#4. Screen the girls well.

If a girl doesn’t seem interested in talking to you, or takes forever to respond to her messages, it is best to focus on someone else. No need to fight an uphill battle when there are plenty of other sweet Brazilian girls who will be keen on meeting you!

Also, you want to make sure she will not try to use you for money. Get an idea of her values, priorities and just generally the type of person she is. Ask personal questions, gauge how she responds and, under no circumstance, send money to them!

#5. Have fun with it.

The great thing about Brazil dating sites, whether it’s Tinder, Bumble or Brazil Cupid, is that they’re fun and they provide you with an opportunity to meet interesting people from a culture that’s distinct from your’s. And, if you’re lucky, maybe even find love (or just have a memorable night). So, don’t take the app too seriously. I know I don’t! If a girl doesn’t respond, of course it’s nothing personal.

Try different opening lines, emojis, and keep things lighthearted. That’s the way to make the most out of these tools and get the best results.


Final Thoughts

Well that’s about it, folks.

Personally, I recommend trying all of these Brazil dating sites if you’re looking to meet women.

Brazil Cupid

They’re all different (and good) in their own ways, and if they are at your disposal, may as well take advantage!

In closing, I’d like to say that Brazilian women are some of the most kind, caring and loving women on the continent. If you treat them well, they will treat you well. Whether you’re looking for something casual or something more serious, I find that using a dating app down here is an excellent way to go about things.

And that’s it! My thoughts on a few Brazil dating sites. Give them a try, come back to the article and leave a comment about what you think.

Or, if you have any questions about any of the apps I’ve mentioned here, or dating in Brazil in general, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email.

Just click on that ‘Contact’ form on the top of the page.

I’ll sign off now.

Thanks for listening!

Until next time.

*Click this link to give Brazil Cupid a free test-run.