Your Essential Guide to Chilean Women

Hello friends! Today, I’m going to talk a bit about Chilean women.

Specifically, dating and getting to know ‘em.

  • What are they like?

  • How can you meet them?  

  • Are the underrated? Overrated?

  • Do they stack up to their South American counterparts?

  • Worth a trip all the way down to southern-South America? 

Let’s clarify some of these questions, shall we?


Some CliffNotes About Chile

We’ll kick this off by talking a bit about Chile.

Although it’s often overlooked by younger travellers due to a relatively higher cost of living than other Latin American countries, and due to the fact that it’s generally not being considered as “fun” or “welcoming” as places such as Colombia, Costa Rica or Mexico, Chile has a lot of things going for it.

For instance.

It’s one of the wealthiest and safety countries in South America, and it boasts excellent infrastructure and consistently stable governments.

Not to mention, Chile is also incredibly geographically diverse. You can go snowboarding one day, and be in the world’s driest desert the next. It’s got mountains, coastlines, UNESCO World Heritage sites and, of course, the famous and mysterious Easter Island.

For big city life, you can hit Santiago. Nightlife here rivals any major city in Latin America.

Or, if you’re more of a low-key artist type, check out Valparaiso for some bohemian living.

And, if you like wine, you’ll be in paradise.

Most younger tourists I’ve met aren’t so hot on Chile because they’re looking for life on the wild side. But 30-year-old plus foreigners are flocking to Chile in pretty big numbers. Check out Latin America expat Facebook groups and you’ll see Chile is usually in the top three countries where foreigners are settling.

It makes sense, it’s business-friendly and quite easy to obtain residency. And, one of the largest (and most helpful) expat forums is based out of, you guessed it, Chile! Check It Out.

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a safe and stable country to live in Latin America – a place where you don’t have to worry about getting robbed at gunpoint on a sunny afternoon, or your money losing massive value in a national bank (*cough* Argentina), I can’t think of a much better choice than Chile.

But, alas, that isn’t what this article is about.

Let’s get into the women and dating scene.


What Do Chilean Girls Look Like?

If you follow Latin America at all and if you’re interested in dating in the region you may have heard some things about what Chilean girls look like.

Here are some terms that I’ve heard thrown around.




And, like many stereotypes, there is some truth here.

If you’re coming from Brazil or Colombia, for instance, you’ll find that Chilean girls don’t get dressed up quite as much for nightlife, and you may find that they’re lacking in shapeliness; those good type of curves.

And, yes, the ‘hipster’ style has certain caught on here more in other countries. Dirty sneakers, clothes that are too big, short hair. It’s true, there’s of that here than in other places in Latin America.

These things do make the women in Chile seem a bit less feminine than some of their Latina counterparts. But, fortunately this extends only to dress code – in personality and conduct Chilean women are still delightfully feminine.

As far as race/ethnicity goes, Chile is kind of in between Argentina and Peru. On the whole, the girls are more lighter-skinned in Chile than they are in Peru, and a bit darker than they are in Argentina. It surprises some to know that Chile actually has quite a large indigenous population – by no means it is all white here! That said, if you happen to be Caucasian, unless you’re extremely blonde, you’re not going to stand out too much as a foreigner here.

Let’s see, what else…

Ah, obesity!

You may be surprised to know that obesity is quite a big problem in Chile. You’ll see quite the share of fat people walking around, both men and women. It’s not quite as bad as Mexico, but you’ll definitely notice it, and it’s quite a stark difference from nearby Argentina, where on the whole, women are a whole lot thinner.

In short, the physique of Chilean women, generally speaking, leave a lot to be desired compared to Colombia or Argentina.

The silver lining of this is that many Chilean girls have pretty faces!

Not everyone, of course, but you should have no trouble finding a girl with an attractive visage.

That counts for a lot.

If you want to start meeting some Chilean women, check out Latin American Cupid — the dating site tailor-made for meeting Latinas in Latin America!

What Are the Personalities of Chilean Women?

The most appealing thing about Chilean women are their personalities.

My personal opinions:

  • Mexican women can be annoying/exceedingly jealous

  • Argentine women can be cold and dismissive

  • Colombian women can be vacuous and lacking in personality

But Chilean girls? They really have a good balance going on.

Many are educated which means you can talk to them about topics that extend beyond what’s playing in the local movie theatre on the weekend. Furthermore, they like to have fun, tend to be emotionally stable and not overly jealous.

Affectionate, but not clingy.

Smart, but not know-it-alls

Fun, but not crazy

That’s been my general experience with the women from Chile that I’ve met, and I gotta tell you, these qualities make for great relationship material.

A+ for personalities. Perhaps the best in Latin America from what I’ve seen. And I’ve seen a lot!

If you want to meet women in Latin America, you will need to know a bit of Spanish. PickUp Spanish is an entertaining and informative course that teaches Latin American Spanish in a way that is geared toward meeting and dating Latinas!

How do Chilean Women Compare to Other Nationalities?

Moving forward!

How to Chilean women compare with the women from other countries in Latin America?

Well, I’ve talked a bit about this in the previous sections.

As I just mentioned, personality-wise, they’re among the top.


Not so much, unfortunately…but still pretty good!

I guess if I had to ‘rank’ them, I’d do it something like this

Top tier for women

  • Brazil

  • Colombia

  • Venezuela

  • Argentina

Second Tier

  • Mexico

  • Chile

  • Peru

  • Ecuador

Third Tier

  • Guatemala

  • Nicaragua

  • etc…

  • etc……

No need to go further, you get the picture. Not the best, not the worst. Somewhere in the middle by Latin American standards, from a purely physical standpoint.


Chilean Culture: Dating Edition

What is dating in Chile like?

The first thing reader’s typically want to know is if they’ll have any advantage or disadvantage dating in another country.


 Will you have a positive ‘exotic’ factor?

 Or, a negative ‘untrustworthy outsider’ factor?


Well, as far as Chile goes, it’s really…neither.

You’ll pretty much be on the same level as a local guy (maybe lower if you don’t speak Spanish, higher if you have blonde hair…that seems to play well in Chile).

To put it a different way, dating as a foreigner in Chile is pretty much a wash. Don’t expect any special treatment (like you might get in Peru) but don’t expect to be unfairly judged (like what’s beginning to happen in Medellin, Colombia).

Something else to keep in mind: it’s moderately difficult to meet someone out at a bar, a club, or on the street during the day in this country. Most girls here tend to go out with their friends and are not used to getting approached by random men on the street.

That said, if you do approach women on the street or in a nightlife venue, you’re unlikely to get a negative reaction, just know that it may be lukewarm and/or met with surprise.

Another factor is that one night stands are less common in Chile than what you might be used to or expecting in Colombia or Mexico, for instance. It’ll normally take a few dates to seal the deal here.

All these reasons make online dating a good option.

I suggest trying out Latin American Cupid because it gives you the option to chat to and meet Chilean girls before you arrive in the country.


Where to Meet Girls in Chile?

About 1/3 of Chile’s entire population lives in Santiago. That means there aren’t many cities in this country that can be considered good options for meeting Chilean women (many cities are too small and too conservative – if you’re just planning a short trip, they won’t be worth your time from a meeting-girls perspective).

I’ll mention 3 cities.



The far and away winner here is the capital, Santiago. Here you can find girls from all over the country (as well as other countries) and all kinds of nightlife, cultural and culinary experiences.

Not only does it present the best opportunities to meet someone, there are simply more people here to select from.

Number 1 city for Chile? Definitely Santiago.



Valparaiso. Chile’s seaside, bohemian city. This is a good option because it’s got a large population (by Chile’s standards at least…about 300,000), a lot of young people, a lot of bars and a liberal, alternative vibe to it. There are also several expats here so locals are used to meeting foreigners.



Third choice. Although not Chile’s prettiest city – it’s industrial – Conception deserves a mention because, again, it’s one of the bigger cities in the country. It has a large selection of nightlife to choose from, but it’s more socially conservative than Santiago or Valparaiso. Don’t expect too many one night stands here.


Some Positive Things

Let’s recap a bit.

Some positive things about Chile and Chilean women.


  • Great personalities

  • Pretty faces

  • Stable (i.e. not crazy!)

  • Chile’s a safe country

  • It’s quite easy to get residency

  • It’s one of the more developed countries in Latin America

Some Negative Things

And now for a bit of the negative…


  • Obesity is a bit of an issue
  • One night stands are harder to come by than other LATAM countries

  • Poor style/not feminine (not THAT big of an issue, in my opinion)

  • Chile is one of the most expensive countries in Latin America

  • Chilean food isn’t great (aside from its seafood)

  • Pollution levels in Chile are extremely high

Are Chilean Women Worth the Trip?

Now, to sum it all up.

Are Chilean women worth a trip way down to the south of South America?

Sure! Why not.

But, to reiterate, Chile is not the place to come for quick sex when we’re talking Latin America. Nor, does it have the most attractive women in Latin America.

This is a country to visit for guys looking for something a bit more serious –perhaps a relationship or marriage.

It’s is also a perfect country for guys wanting to start a life in South America. Things generally run pretty smoothly in Chile, and it’s an easy place to start a business relative to other Latin American countries, where such things can be a headache.

That about does it for me folks!


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As always, thanks for listening.

Until next time,