Hermosillo, Mexico Women and Dating Guide

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Hermosillo. Also known as: El Rancho, la Capital de la Banda, Hornosillo, El Infierno, La Ciudad del Sol. The girls of the ‘City of Sun’ are as hot as their hometown: Hermosillo women are among the best in the country. The capital of the desert border state of Sonora is not a beautiful city, but if you happen to find yourself there for a medium or long-term stay, you will love it.




Hot. Arid desert with large temperature range depending on the season- but regularly 40 Centigrade (100 Fahrenheit) and above from May to September. Rainy season (occasional downpours) June to September.



Hermosillo is one of the safer cities in Mexico. Don’t walk through bad neighborhoods at night and you will be fine. Not that you’ll be doing much walking anyways…like Monterrey, Hermosillo is an American style city built for cars. Use Uber or the bus.

Head’s up-this state was the site of the worst environmental disaster in Mexican history, the 2014 Cananea mine spill which poisoned the Sonora River with massive quantities of heavy metals. It’s even more important here than in other parts of Mexico to drink bottled water.



 Go on excursions. Hermosillo is forty minutes away from Kino Beach and an hour and a half away from San Carlos Beach, which is a beautiful. To the northwest is the Sonora River route with a beautiful green mountains and lush valley and to the north is the charming town of Magdalena del Kino. The state is steeped in cowboy culture, so be sure to go to the dances and festivals in the pueblos.




It’s not hard to have success in “El Rancho”, but if you go in blind you’ll struggle. Hermosillo is a big town with a small town feel, and everyone knows everyone. It’s Catholic- but with a wink and a nod. That is why it is crucial to be more subtle than you are in America or Brazil. Forget one-night stands from the club. Here is what you do:

  1. Meet her at a bar or during the day.

  2. Have a good conversation with her. Flirt a bit.

  3. Get her number.

  4. Go out one on one, and then bring her back to your place and, well…you know.

There are almost no foreigners in Hermosillo, so you likely attract a lot of attention. I have had girls hit on me in Costco, at the supermarket, and at the office to pay my electric bills. And as you get a reputation for being a local Don Juan, more and more girls will seek you out on their own. Tinder is also a gold mine here.

Just be careful- a lot of these girls have boyfriends, and no, they won’t tell you. So take that as you may.

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“The women of Sonora are the hottest in all of Mexico.” At least, that’s what the Mexicans say! Sonora is famous for tall, slender women with beautiful faces and hourglass figures. Rare for Mexico, it is split roughly equally between white and mestizo. The Mexican guys will go after the white ones, but don’t blindly follow the crowd- the indigenous tribes of Sonora are some of the most beautiful and tall in the Americas. Hermosillo women encompass these traits – you won’t be disappointed in this aspect!



Pretty cheap. I rented a small house for 400 a month. 500 will get you a luxury apartment. Stick to the central part of the city, between Pitic and Galerias Mall, but if you go outside, it is fine- just check with locals to make sure it’s a safe neighborhood.



I don’t think there are hostels in Hermosillo. But an apartment on Airbnb will be between 15-20 for a solid place.




Not anything to brag about. Five popular bars, a few clubs.

For bars, I recommend La Verbena, Barra Hidalgo, and Johnny Sailor. La Verbena is more rock/artsy, Barra Hidalgo is a cool old place, and Johnny Sailor is a slightly more upperclass crowd. For clubs I would recommend Light Club.

If you want something really unique go to Club Oregon. It’s a lot of old people breaking it down like crazy to ballads from the 60s and 70s. There is a Pink Floyd cover band whose lead singer is the spitting image of Ron Jeremy.

The key to having a good time in Hermosillo is building up your social network to find parties and events. That is where the real fun takes place.



Hermosillo is a center of business in the region. Ford has many of its operations here, as do other auto companies. The University of Sonora has multiple programs partnering with American universities and decent non-profit work exists if you can find it.



In the end, this city is best for a medium or long-term stay with someone who is working for a multinational or non-profit. Major drawbacks are shitty public transportation, hellishly hot weather, and ugly architecture. Positive aspects are the women. Not worth going to for a vacation, but if you become integrated into the local community, the girls are extremely friendly. They will want to get to know you.


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