Mexico City Women and Dating Guide

More commonly known in Mexico as “D.F” (Distrito Federal) or “CDMX”, Mexico City is the capital of Mexico and one of the world’s largest cities. The city is simply too vast to comprehend if you grew up in a second-tier city or lower. The only way to make any sense of it is to think of it in terms of districts and only mess with one or two of them if your stay is short. For this reason, I will deal only with a few neighbourhoods. The city boasts lovely women, incredible food and a reasonably low cost of living.

POPULATION: 9,000,000 (proper). 21,000,000 (greater).




The girls of Mexico City are well up for it. Logistics again are important, so stay in Condesa, Roma, Zona Rosa, or Polanco. Other things that are somewhat important: beginner/intermediate Spanish, be very well-dressed (not as important in Pata Negra, but damn important in Polanco), and be self-assured. Follow these rules and D.F will be D.T.F; you’ll find that you can easily hook-up in Mexico City.

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You’ll see all types of women in Mexico City, but in Condesa, Polanco and Roma, there is a high concentration of what you want to see. Although it’s doesn’t boast the most attractive women in the country — I’d give that title to Culiacan, Monterrey or Guadalajara — there is still plenty enough good looking Mexican girls in ‘cdmx’.



Mexico City girls generally have agreeable personalities. One of the best things about women in this city is that they will often pay their share of a date, and won’t ask you to pay for their taxi to and from it (in Colombia, it’s more common that it’s expected for you to pay her taxi AND pay for the date, for instance).

Overall girls in Mexico City and fun and easy to get along with. They like to have a good time, and if they like you they’ll make it pretty clear. In terms of attractiveness, they aren’t the best quality in Latin America…or even Mexico. Sure, you’ll see some stunners while out and about in Polanco or Condesa, but the average quality on the street is a great deal lower than Medellin, for instance. I’d say Mexico City girls are about as attractive as girls in Lima, Peru.

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Entirely depends on your barrio. All types of options for all types of prices all over the city. Obviously, you’ll want to be in a decent area with an assortment of bars and clubs, so to keep it simple, I’d recommend an apartment in Condesa or Roma through Airbnb. For a longterm stay, you may be able to swing something basic for around $500/month.




Condesa, Polanco and Roma alone will satisfy your every desire for nightlife.

I recommend: Pata NegraIt’s an embarrassingly obvious choice for anyone familiar with Mexico City, but it’s tough to go wrong with this place. If you’re a well-dressed foreigner with beginner/intermediate Spanish, you will make Cortes look like bunny rabbit the way you’ll be taking down Mexicans. The girls here in the D.F are pretty, friendly and, most importantly, liberal. I have nothing negative to say about this bar except for the fact that it is now overrun with gringos. Word is out.

One gripe I have in Mexico City is the lack of reggaeton clubs. Give me some of that perrea!



The following data is from Expatistan, a crowdsourced database of prices and cost of living around the world. In our experience, the data tends to underestimate cost of living, so take the following as the minimum you might need to live here.

*Figures are listed in USD

You will need a minimum of $1416 USD/month to live in Mexico City



You can’t generalize in Mexico City. Some areas in Condesa, Roma, Coyoacan and Polanco are entirely safe at all hours. But walk into Tepito or Guerrero alone at 2 am with an expensive watch and a designer shirt and you might not walk out.



Mexico City is a fascinating place. The girls in Mexico City are hot, and hooking up them is easy. But as a first time visitor, you must only focus on one district (max two) or else you will think it’s nothing more than a bafflingly chaotic clusterf*ck. Find a decent apartment, visit the bars in your area to see what fits your personality best. See a few cultural sites in Centro, ride the metro at least once, and don’t even think about leaving until you’ve pleasured a Chilanga so hard she hears colours.

Overall Rating: 9/10


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