Learn Spanish. Get Girls. A Review Of Pickup Spanish

Image from: pickupspanish.com

Image from: Pickupspanish.Com


I’m excited to share my review of Pick Up Spanish with ya’ll today.

But first, a story. 

My journey to Spanish competency has been long and tumultuous. It started with Rosetta Stone (which I promptly quit after just a week), then moved on to audio courses (most of which I slept through) and finally to Latin music and telenovelas, with which I finally began making some progress.

Initially, my goal was simple: learn Spanish to meet women. But it took me months of stumbling through learning methods before I was finally able to hold down a basic conversation on a discotec dance floor (discotec is Spanish for “nightclub,” by the way).

If only I had discovered a course tailored to my *ahem* ultra specific needs at the time, I would have saved myself a lot of fruitless effort, valuable time and money.

Bring in El Conquistador’s Pickup Spanish course.

Even though after living and travelling in Latin America for over 3 years I’m fairly proficient in Spanish, I decided to check out the course after reading glowing reviews on a number of blogs that I frequent. I wanted to see what all the attention was about.

I was pleased to find that, even though it was aimed at beginners to the language, I was able to get a tremendous amount of value from the course.

So much in fact that I consider it one of the most effective courses I’ve ever taken for learning Spanish.

Read on to find out why.


A Brief Overview of Pickup Spanish

The Pickup Spanish course is divided into 4 different modules, each broken down into 6-8 easily digestible units:

images from: pickupspanish.com

images from: Pickupspanish.Com


These modules are designed to be completed in a linear fashion, which allows you to build upon the knowledge you’ve gained in each section with consistent reinforcement of what you’ve learned. This aspect of the course ensures that you won’t forget what has been covered in previous units. El Conquistador has designed Pickup Spanish in a way that makes retention effortless and, as you can see from the unit titles, the content is as entertaining as it is engaging.

Despite being familiar with the language, I found myself wanting to continue on to each following lesson because I was enjoying the content so much. That is more that I can say for any other Spanish course I have taken.


What Will Pickup Spanish Teach You?

I’ll break the course down by its modules and explain what you’ll take away from each one.



Module 1

In the first module of Pickup Spanish you will learn how to “hack” the Spanish language. El Conquistador shows you how many words you already know in Spanish, and how to easily convert thousands of English words into their Spanish equivalents. He also masterfully lasers in on the 6 “power” verbs to know in Spanish, which will comprise a majority of the statements you’d ever want to make in the language. This strategy distills the basics to their core and quickly gives you the fundamentals you’ll need to form more complex statements. You’ll use this framework later on when he teachers you how to seduce Latinas.

“This course is set out in a way that gives you those early wins that are so important. The number 1 reason that most people give up studying Spanish (or any language for that matter) and don’t continue is the initial frustration period. By making it easy in the beginning we make sure you stick with it without getting disheartened.”

— Pickup Spanish

It’s vitally important to get these basics down 100% before moving on to the next module. Fortunately, they are a piece of cake to remember. Even as a more experience learner, I picked up a couple gems of advice about how to turn one Spanish word into 5 or 6 different ones using Conquistador’s simple conversion method in this section.



Module 2

Module 2 is where we get into the fun stuff: meeting Latin women! Here, Pickup Spanish lays out an incredibly detailed, innovative and, frankly, brilliant template of how to meet women online in Latin America. He takes you through absolutely everything here, from setting up a good dating profile, to your first message, getting her contact information and, finally, setting up a date. No stone is left unturned. Additionally, the author includes many potential opening lines and responses that you can use at your disposal.

“You also need to tailor your profile to the Latin market. The profile that you use in the US or Europe may not have the same effect in Latin America. I’ll give you some cultural and historical background that will explain the mindset of many Latin women and how you should adjust your profile accordingly.”

— Pickup Spanish

The advice provided in this section is absolute gold – not just from a Spanish learning perspective, but from an online dating perspective. Essentially, all you’ll need to absolutely kill it in online dating in Latin America is handed over to you on a silver platter in this section. The author even provides samples of his own online interaction with women to prove that what he is saying works (a lack of screenshots/evidence was a criticism from older reviews of the course, but has obviously been remedied now).

I haven’t found this kind of information offered anywhere else in such impressive fashion.



Module 3

Module 3 will get you off of your phone and into the streets, as El Conquistador shows you, step by step, how to strike up conversations with Latinas during the day. This impressively detailed section will equip you with about a dozen openers that you can use to meet Latin women in almost any situation.

“Not only will you have the fundamental openers that you can rely on but you will also have ready-to-go openers for different situations and environments: malls, coffee shops, supermarkets, streets and squares.

— Pick Up Spanish

The value in this section comes from the author’s understanding of the culture and women of Latin America. He understands that picking up women in Latin American countries requires a different approach than in Western countries. Speaking from experience, I can tell you that the approaches you learn in this section will work wonders in terms of setting you apart from the typical backpacker. If you apply the advice and work up the courage to approach these lovely women in the street, I guarantee you will walk away with a handful of phone numbers.



Module 4

The last (and probably my favourite) section of Pickup Spanish covers how to meet Latin women during the night: in bars and nightclubs. Here’s what you’ll learn.

“This module is the culmination of everything you’ve studied in this course up to now. It will all come together gloriously in this final module. Like a proud parent at a graduation ceremony, I will be applauding as you swoop the hottest Latin girl in the club right out from under the noses of all the local guys buying bottle service and acting like gangsters.

— Pick Up Spanish

Personally, I learned the most from this section. As an introverted and somewhat anti-social person, I struggle with night game. In a bar or club setting, while I often manage to find a girl I’m interested in and who is interested in me, I have trouble escalating to the point where I can bring her back to my apartment. Either the way I suggest it makes them feel like a slut, or I wait to long and they end up having to go home (many of these girls will still live with their parents). Usually what happens is that I manage to get their number and hook-up with them a week or two later, but this isn’t ideal if you’re only doing a short term stay in the city.

The information in this section blew me away. Not only does El Conquistador provide suave Spanish lines to use in the bar, he also walks you through every stage of the process: how to find the best nightlife venues, how to approach, how to avoid getting cockblocked, how to get them home, how to deal with last minute resistance and, finally, how to seduce them while in the bedroom. This module will provide you with the information that can only be learned through years of experience, which the author obviously has.

This is the best and fastest shortcut for the learning curve that comes with trying to pick up women from a bar or nightclub while speaking Spanish.



Who Will Benefit From Pickup Spanish?

The biggest surprise I got from taking Pickup Spanish was how much I learned as an already-intermediate Spanish speaker. Although there is no doubt that beginners will benefit the most from this course in terms of meeting women, I was still able to adopt many actionable strategies and phrases that I was previously oblivious to.

If I had given this course a shot earlier, I would definitely been able to cut my studying time by half and double my notch count…sigh.

Beginner Spanish learners will benefit from the course’s efficiency in focusing in on the bare essentials that you’ll need to communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking girls. Instead of spending an hour learning the words for pets and household items on Rosetta Stone, with Pickup Spanish you’ll immediately sort out how to carry on a conversation with Latinas, get their number and get them back to your Airbnb, apartment, hotel or hostel.



Pickup Spanish vs. Rosetta Stone & Other Courses?

So how does Pickup Spanish stack up against programs like Rosetta Stone or Pimsleur?

Well, first of all it’s cheaper. Much cheaper. Well under half the price of Rosetta Stone and well under a quarter of the price of Pimsleur. Now, in fairness, this is because the aforementioned courses are much longer and cover a wider breadth of subject matter. But do you really need to know how to name all the different types of fruit, zoo animals or kitchen utensils when you’re just starting out (hint: out of all the conservations I’ve had with Latinas over the years, these topics have rarely been breached).

My advice?

If you’re on the fence about what Spanish program to buy, Start With Pickup Spanish. It’s the best low-investment option. If you decide you’d like to get deeper into the language, move on to Pimsleur. Although Pimsleur is expensive, it blows away Rosetta Stone.

That being said, if you follow the advice laid out in Pickup Spanish, you should have a Latina girlfriend who’ll be happy to teach you the language, free of charge 😉.



Pick Up Spanish Review: Final Thoughts 

Many Spanish courses have got the methodology and content down, but they fail to keep the learner engaged. Others do a fine job of keeping the learner engaged, but fail on their teaching methods. Pickup Spanish manages to do both in a way that is both fun and feels completely natural. By focusing on the “small wins” early on, the learner can apply these basic and easy to learn aspects of the language as building blocks to increase his vocabulary and make retention easy and enjoyable. 

Seriously, once you realize how much you’ve learned through so little effort, it will feel like cheating.

The personal stories that are included in every module are informative and entertaining, and proves that the author has done his time in the field.

Best of all, by the end of it you’ll have all the language tools at your disposal for meeting sexy Latinas in an organic, natural and non sex-touristy way.

Any product that can successfully do that, I have no problem recommending to my readers.

I hope you enjoyed this review of Pick Up Spanish!

***The Pickup Spanish Course is consistently updated based on customer feedback and new learning methods, so you’ll always have access to new content***

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Best of luck,