My Latin Life’s Guide To Argentinian Women

Why haven’t I talked about Argentinian women yet?

…that isn’t rhetorical. I actually have an answer.

See, I wasn’t a big fan of the country. At the time, I was looking for more ‘latin’ vibes, if you know what I mean. Argentina just felt like what I imagined a watered down version of what Europe might be. Bastardized Italian culture, if you will.

I did, however, throughly enjoy the wine, steak and mate.

Now, though, well, I think I might have been wrong.

As I get older I see the value in living in a (relatively) lower crime society, with an abundance of high quality food and wine, where people actually read books. Not to mention, weekend getaways to the pampas or Patagonia…

Sure, I could see myself strolling the cafe-lined streets of Buenos Aires, watching a few tango shows, sipping my yerba in one of it’s many parks.

And although the country has a, well, interesting way of thinking about economics, things run well enough.

But alas this post is about Argentinian women.

And, unsurprisingly for anyone who knows Latin America half decently, that’s one of the great things about this country.

Allow me to kick off this post by dispelling some fake news about the women of Argentina.

Argentinian women have a widespread reputation — both in Latin America and abroad — of being beautiful, but standoffish.

Arrogance is a trait that is often attributed to Argentines, and I’ll be honest, it’s not without reason.

But it is slightly unfair.

‘Arrogant’ or ‘full of themselves’ aren’t the words I’d use to describe the girls of Argentina.

Not objectively at least. People say these things because they’re often comparing people in Argentina to other Latin American countries, like Brazil, Colombia or Mexico, where people are excessively friendly and welcoming.

My interactions with Argentine people have been quite diplomatic and cordial.

The worst you’ll likely find is that they’re slightly dismissive.

…yes, dismissive is the word.

For instance, if you ask for directions in Bogota, a person is likely to stop and take their time to explain how you should arrive to your destination (often even if they have no idea where it is!).

In Argentina, this is less likely. If they don’t know, they’ll say so and keep moving.

Similarly, if you hit on an Argentinian woman, she may not let you down quite as easy as a Mexican girl or a Colombian girl, the latter whom might say they have a boyfriend even if they don’t, or will at least seem flattered that you tried.

A girl in Argentina would be statistically more likely to brush you off with a hand wave, for instance.


This is mostly in the capital. Get outside it to smaller cities like Salta or Rosario and you’ll find that girls are extremely warm and friendly (I found this especially true in Salta…love it!)

These are just examples to illustrate differences, they aren’t rules. You’ll get both responses in both countries on a long enough timeline.

Another myth about these lovely gals is that they are a bit less ‘sexual’ or ‘sexy’ than their Latina counterparts.

Again, there is normally some truth to stereotypes.

It’s true. They don’t dress as sexy on the whole, particularly not during the day. Whereas a Colombian girl might spend an hour doing herself up to go to the supermarket, a girl here is more likely to throw on a beaning and some sneakers and be off.

However, when night falls (we’ll get to nightlife soon, don’t worry!) I’d argue that Argentine women compete hard. They’ll get dressed up with the best of ‘em, depending what kind of bar you head to of course.

Yeah, those are the two main myths, no need to dwell. I’d call them half-truths.

Bottom line: gals here are not as arrogant or unfriendly and you may have heard. It’s all relative, folks.

When comparing Argentinian women to women in nearby countries such as Peru or Paraguay, yes they’ll seem ‘colder.’ But it doesn’t mean they’re b*tchy! This is simply a cultural difference (I empathize with this because Canadians have a similar reputation abroad).

I believe it’s a reputation mostly spread by bitter men who weren’t as popular with Argentinian ladies as they were in, say Peruvians or Colombians. See, in many other Latin American countries, you’ll get some kind of special treatment on account of being a foreigner. This may be subtle or overt. This doesn’t really happen in Argentina. Most people are neutral or indifferent to the fact you’re from another country (however, if you learn some Spanish, it will help immensely!)

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What Do Argentinian Girls Look Like?

Let me make sweeping generalizations about the physical appearance of Argentinian women!

One of my favourite hobbies.

Right, so you’ll find that girls here are slimmer here than almost anywhere in the continent. Actually, it’s probably the thinnest country for women in South America.

You’ll see less curves than in Brazil or Colombia, but you’ll see extremely pretty faces and a fair share of fit bodies nonetheless…just not the exaggerated bums or boobs you may catch in Brazil or Colombia.

Matter of fact, I saw some of the most beautiful women IN MY LIFE in the university city of Cordoba, Argentina. My tastes will differ from yours of course but…wow.


More ‘urban’ and less ‘feminine’ if you want a simple, brutish analysis. That shouldn’t really bother you, though. It’s not as though the women are dressing like lumberjacks or fishermen. Plenty feminine enough still!

Argentine singer Tini. A common Argentinian girl aesthetic!

Argentine singer Tini. A common Argentinian girl aesthetic!


Mmm, not much more I have to say on the topic!

They’re hot. Among the best.

In my opinion, Argentinian women have the most attractive faces in Latin America. By quite a lot. Again, this is a matter of taste.

Rifle through my city guides to determine if your tastes align with mine to get an idea regarding whether you’ll draw the same conclusion.


Dating Culture Of Argentina

Yes, there is online dating in Argentina. And yes! You can meet Argentinian girls in more traditional fashions as well, such as at a bar, cafe, shopping mall or park.

That said, while you can more or less apply the same dating strategy in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, or Panama, you’ll notice that things are a bit different down Argentina way.

First of all, in the aforementioned countries, you may have been approached by women while at a bar, nightclub, cafe, etc. It’s not all that out of the ordinary that a girl with approach you and express genuine interest in these places. In Argentina, this can happen too…but it is far less likely in my experience.

If you’re shy and wait for the girl to make the first move, you will not be meeting too many sexy Argentinian girls, while in the aforementioned countries, you might be able to get by.

Another difference is that much fewer girls will expect you to pay for everything by default in Argentina, and many will offer to pay their share. And coffee is a fine date choice. Suggesting an expensive restaurant may actually be a turn off on the first date.

Feminism is more fashionable here than in other countries (but not in an aggressive way, like in the USA or…Germany or Spain or something). It might be due to this.

Personally, I don’t see it as a negative.

Now for what I consider to be the biggest difference between Argentina and most other Latin American countries.



Online dating.


Online dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble or Latin American Cupid simply aren’t used as widely in Argentina as they are in other countries.

Why? I don’t really know.

You’ll still find girls on the apps, but not as many. And trying to get them out to meet you for a date will be harder.

Again, I don’t know why.

The silver lining of this is that it’s easier to hook-up and meet Argentinian women in the nightlife scene. This is how Argentines seem to prefer things, as opposed to internet dating.

It’s a good thing!

You’re likely to find that one night stands with girls you’ve met at a bar or a club might come easier than it would in a more socially conservative country like Ecuador.

If you’re just looking for something casual in Latin America, normally I’d recommend going hard on the online dating.

Not here.

Nightlife is the move.

That said…

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How To Meet Argentinian Women

You may be thinking Great! But how do I meet Argentinian women? What’s the strategy”?

Well, women are women everywhere, there’s not really a country-specific move here.

That said, a few things to note.

If you’re a white guy with dark brown or black hair, you will have 0 exotic factor here. Like myself, you will be assume Argentine.

If you’re a white guy with blonde hair, you might have a bit of exotic factor. But there are blonde Argentines! Not really an ‘exotic factor’ difference maker.

If you’re a black guy, you will probably do better here. Big exotic factor.

Everything else? Asian, Indian, etc? I can’t really say. You’ll probably be on the same level as a white tourist.

Point is, don’t rely on getting noticed for being different here. Even if you look different, Argentines care less about that kind of thing.

If you’re coming from the United States, you’ll probably be surprised at how aggressive Argentinian men can be in regards to approaching women. Trying to kiss them even if they seem decidedly uninterested. Grabbing them on the dance floor. This kind of thing. They are either extremely uncalibrated or just don’t give a f*ck.

You’ll get used to it.

And it doesn’t mean you have to adopt this approach. Not being Argentine, you probably wouldn’t be able to pull it off anyway (unless you come from a country like this…I’m looking at you Italy and Brazil!).

Just approach how you normally would, you won’t be punished for it.

This differs from Brazil where, if you don’t approach aggressively, everyone will think you are gay.

Also keep in mind that people in Argentina party late.

And I mean late.

Like they go home when the sun is up. 7am kind of stuff.

I mention this because you shouldn’t make all your moves too early (before like 2am) and run out of steam at the point everyone is beginning to make bad decisions (4am or 5am).

The late partying might take some getting used to, but I think you’ll find it’s better.

I know I did.


Where To Meet Girls In Argentina

Argentina is oh so much more than Buenos Aires!

Although, yes, if you want the most action, that’s definitely the spot.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to hit all that many cities in this fine country, but if you want to meet Argentinian women, I’ll tell you my top destinos.


1) Buenos Aires

No surprise. Biggest city = the most options


2) Cordoba

Pound for pound the prettiest girls in Argentina (maybe even THE WORLD if you’re me). It’s a college town so the population is skewed young, and there are more bars than you’d typically find in a city of its size. Again, student town.


3) Mendoza

This felt like it was probably the easiest place to hook up with Argentinian girls. Extremely friendly locals, great wine and scenery and an overall just really chill and pleasant place to spend time.


4) Salta

The friendliest city I was in. People were great here! And the women had cool personalities and were extremely easy to approach and converse with. I’ll be back! Hooking up here will take more work that the previous cities I mentioned. It’s a smaller city and it appeared more socially conservative.


5) Posadas

A safe and charming midsized city on the border with Paraguay. It’s a far cry from the supposed “arrogant” reputation (as previously mentioned, this is overstated) of women from Buenos Aires. Fun fact: many Argentines say the prettiest girls in Argentina are from Misiones, of which Posadas is the capital! While I’d personally give this coveted title to Cordoba, don’t overlook this all-too-often overlooked Argentine city.


6) Rosario

Rosario — while still a good option for sexy Argentina girls — is my last-top choice. The city is fairly industrial and therefore not really a great option for tourists. Crime is also notably higher here than in Cordoba, Salta, Posadas or Mendoza. As is drug use. In fact, you’ll probably notice addicts in the street here more so than in most other Latin American cities. As you’ve likely guessed by now, yes, the women are gorgeous here too! But no better than Cordoba or Buenos Aires. If you’re on a timeline, you can probably skip Rosario.



I think you’re suitably armed to meet Argentinian women. It’s no mystery, really. But there are some slight differences here when compared to other Latin American countries.

Reckon I covered the main ones.

Before heading off, I gotta mention this.


It’s currency has devalued immensely and you can live a good life for under $1000 USD a month in any city in the country (OK, maybe have $1500 for Buenos Aires so as not to miss out on too much nightlife action).

Getting into the country right now? Well, you’ll have to wait a few months (their border remains closed at the time of writing).


Bottom line: if you’re wondering if Argentinian women are worth a trip to Argentina, I would say yes!


That’s about it, folks!

Hope you learned something, or at least had some fun reading.


As always, until next time.

Your friend,