Havana, Cuba Women and Dating Guide

Havana is absolutely mesmerizing. The people, architecture, landscape and culture all come together in a magnetic way that make it different from any place on earth. After only an hour in Havana you will feel notably different but you won’t know why. The women are indeed pretty here, but you’ll need to keep a watchful eye out for scammers and swindlers!

POPULATION: 2,000,000




Hooking-up in Havana as a tourist is a complex issue. You will have to wade through slews of prostitutes and sort-of prostitutes before you find someone who likes you for you. And even if you manage to find a nice girl who’s not looking to capitalize on your foreign status, you likely won’t have anywhere to take her (many casas do not allow visitors, and tourists visiting locals isn’t permitted…not to mention the fact that she’ll probably share a bedroom with her two sisters and grandmother). The best area for getting with someone who isn’t a hooker would be Vedado. Ensure that you get a casa or hotel in this area that allows visitors if getting a Cuban girl is high on your priority list. Then, hit the malecon or the local bars and put forth your best effort. But it is not easy to hook up in Havana.

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“To live in Havana was to live in a factory that turned out human beauty on a conveyor belt.”

     -Graham Greene, Our Man in Havana

Havana has some of the most beautiful, sexy and enchanting women in the world. I’m sure of it. They radiate sexuality in such a visceral way. The lingering stares, smiles and curves will have you wanting to become a permanent resident of the island. That is, until you remember the terrible food, non-existent salaries and the unshakable label as an outsider and walking ATM machine. But yes, girls are hot, hot, hot in Havana.



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$500.00-$600.00 for a month in a casa particular. or Airbnb You may be able to find cheaper but the accommodation may not be legal.



The following data is from Expatistan, a crowdsourced database of prices and cost of living around the world. In our experience, the data tends to underestimate cost of living, so take the following as the minimum you might need to live here.

*Figures are listed in USD

You’ll need a minimum of $953 USD/month to live in Havana, Cuba




Nightlife in Havana is almost as fascinating as it is frustrating. Fascinating because of the endless choice, frustrating because as a tourist you won’t have access to the best spots without some serious intel from trustworthy Cuban friends. As a tourist, you’ll have several options for dazzling spots with cheap drinks and excellent music. Unfortunately, you’ll be surrounded by fellow tourists with not a Cuban in sight who’s not part of the waitstaff. The best shot you have at an authentic Cuban experience is on the malecon on Friday night. Take a bottle of rum and a lighter or two and you’ll make fast friends.

I recommend: El Chanchullero. Great value, delicious food and the perfect place to meet Mexican, Brazilian and European tourists. 



For the most part, Havana is entirely safe. Robberies can occur in parts of Old Havana, Central Havana and at night on the malecon, but these incidents are typically opportunistic so if you use common sense you’ll be fine. It’s much safer than Santo Domingo, the capital city of neighboring Dominican Republic.



A sensory overload. Irritating and magnificent, depressing and uplifting, terrible and perfect. Havana is too many things that are impossible to sum up in a couple cute sentences. Just when you think you’ve figured it out, something will subvert everything you thought you knew and you will understand even less. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to visit Havana!


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