Three Types Of Brazilian Girls You’ll Meet in Rio de Janeiro

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When I say “Brazilian girl”, what comes to your mind?

Big ass; great body, right?

But for those of us who know a little bit more about Brazilian girls, the first thing that comes to our mind is passion.

Brazilians have passion about everything, dancing, talking, working out and, of course, sex.           

Brazilian girls have no shame in talking about sex. They talk about it as they do with any other topic, food, music etc.

And, they are usually brutally honest with you.

They will tell you if you are just not compatible in that way or if she doesn’t like something that you do while being on top of her.

And, they talk about it with such ease it’s actually very surprising.

I was able to categorize Brazilian girls in Rio in three groups based on where they were raised, how they look and how they behave in bed.

Note that I’m writing this based on my experience in Rio, as I didn’t travel a lot through Brazil.

And this article will not give you tips or advice on how to get Brazilian girls, I wrote about that Here; this is more for intel purposes.

Let’s get to it:

1) Super-native women

These are the highest on the pecking order. Brazilian society accords them the most respect (that’s what traditions are for) even if or when their families are not as well to do as they once were. And yet, they are not that hard to pull since they are very cosmopolitan in their outlook – they’ve often traveled a lot. If you spend your time with them, you will see in what way feminists have influenced Brazilian society. Their favourite sentence is “if men can do it, we can too”. They love arts, music, and just like any Brazilian chick, dancing.

In terms of style, they are mostly dark haired with wavy hair. They have beautiful skin, teeth..generally cute. They have a great ass but this is common for most girls in Brazil. 

In sex, they are average. They love to be on top of you and just use her dancing techniques to make you never forget her. The only thing is that they are reluctant to change position, she loves to be on top and if you want to try something else with her, you will have to use your strength. They are not bad at giving head.

2) First generation born in Rio

These are women that were born in Rio but their parents probably came from another city.

They are usually highly attractive, especially if her origin is from South Brazil. They respond best to aggressive persistent men. You just have to be the guy that will force her attention to yourself. Approach her nicely but wait for too much and you lost her forever. It’s some other guy’s turn now.

It’s similar to Russian women, you have to be physical. In other words, try to touch her as early as possible. Start will touching her shoulders, then start holding hands and then try to kiss her. Brazilians kiss all the time. Girls will kiss you even if they are not that into you.

Kissing strangers is almost a part of the culture.

In sex, they are mostly submissive, they love to take orders and to be tied up and dominated. You will have to take charge very early and lead her to sex, they love when you use your strength to take her clothes off for example. The rougher you are, the better chances you have she will call you again.

Simple as that.


3) Migrant Girls

These are women that came to Rio to study or seek opportunity. The key is to find a girl that came here recently. Those girls are most likely in a long-term relationship but as soon as their hypergamy starts to bloom over the advantages of the big city, they quickly dump their boyfriends.

They start living like they are released from chains, jumping from one relationship to another. Their looks are more on the average side, they have a great body but their face can be different than native or super-native Brazilian girls, so if you see a girl with a potato face, chances are she wasn’t born in Rio.


How To Get Them

Migrant girls love to party. They also appreciate when you are aggressive but if she has a boyfriend you are going to need more than that. You have to show her you have a social circle and that you are a guy that parties a lot. Just show her how people in Rio live “free” and party all the time, having sex on beaches etc. That would put her in your world and you will have an easier time getting them in bed.

When it comes to sex, they are not wooden, and not lazy, she will do her best to satisfy you. But when it comes to kinks, most of them are inexperienced. Lets put it like this: They will do anything for you, it’s just that it will be you who’ll have to come up with it. But once you show them, you won’t need to tell her anything next time, she will know what she needs to do. They are really amazing in bed, but it takes time.



Brazil is a wonderful country full of beautiful women. Days where you can get laid simply because you are American, are long gone, but foreigners still have that exotic factor and the economic situation is nowhere near great.

I hope this guide can help people when they approach girls in Rio, it depends on what you want, but migrant girls are the youngest and your best bet. If you can spot them in the club or on the beach, that will certainly increase your success rate.


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