A Brief and Honest Mexican Cupid Review

Hello again! Vance here to give you your Mexican Cupid review!

I decided to do an updated review because, quite frankly, many reviews for MC are outdated.

In the past few years, other dating apps have moved into the Mexican market – Cupid is far from your only choice!

So, what I’m going to do today, is tell you if Mexican Cupid is still a viable option for online dating in Mexico in 2021.

I’ll also talk a bit about the other dating services that have recently caught on in Mexico.

Let’s get it going!


How To Sign Up

Mexican Cupid is incredibly easy to figure out. The user interface is clean and intuitive, and the sign up process is straightforward.

Here’s what you’ll encounter when signing up for the site:




Essentially, here’s all you have to do:

1. Enter your name, gender and email (or do a quick-sign up through Facebook). Verify your identity.

2. Answer some personal questions about yourself and what you’re looking for in a girl.

3. Upload some photos

4. Meet Mexican women!

As you can see, no big deal – you can do all this in half an hour or so. After that, you’ll be able to browse Mexican girls.

Luckily for us, in 2021, there are even more active users on the website than there were a few years ago.

Due to increased competition, Mexican Cupid has upped their game. They have a freshly designed website and (finally!) have a phone app, which is a game changer.

Unfortunately, the free version of the service still doesn’t offer users very much; if you truly want to make the most of things, you’ll have to pay.

I suggest Signing Up For The Free Version and throughly browsing before deciding if a paid account is the right option for you.

I found that it was for me, but everyone’s different.

I’m not going to bs you with this Mexican Cupid Review and tell you to dive in head first. Like any purchase, even a small one like this, you should conduct your own research first.


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Other Online Dating Services

Right, so Mexican Cupid isn’t your only option this year!

After extensive research for the purpose of this Mexican Cupid review (hehe), here are some other good options for online dating in Mexico.

1. Tinder

2. Badoo

3. Bumble

Let’s talk about them briefly.





Tinder. Perhaps the best known dating application in the entire world. It’s no surprise that it works extremely well here in Mexico. On Tinder, you’ll find the highest volume of users, along with the most attractive women out of any dating app (Yes, even slightly better than Mexican Cupid).

However, nothing is perfect.

The problem with using Tinder in 2018, is that it’s become ground zero for low-key prostitutes, trannies and girls who just want to promote their Instagram profiles (seriously!).

What all this means is that you’ll have to filter through A LOT of profiles before you find a girl who’s actually willing to meet.

If you’re only planning a week or two trip to Mexico, you won’t have time for this.

Too many false leads. Too much wasted time.

For this reason, I use Mexican Cupid as my primary resource, and Tinder as a secondary one. On Mexican Cupid, the girls are much more invested, and realize that the point of the service is to go out and meet men in person!

The questionnaire that Mexican Cupid requires all users to complete before signing up weeds out the people who aren’t serious about the app. That, and the paywall, help immensely.

It filters out the idiots, so to speak.

If time, efficiency and return on investment mean anything to you, use Mexican Cupid instead of Tinder.




Badoo is another popular dating app in Mexico.

I have mixed feelings.

While it has an adequate number of users, many profiles are inactive or seem fake.

Not only that, but you’ll have to dig pretty deep to find any attractive women on the app. I have no idea why, but the quality on here is low.

On the upside, you’ll get a ton of messages and most everyone will respond to yours (unless it’s a fake profile).

Feel free to use Badoo as a back-up to your back-up, but I wouldn’t pay it much heed.

And whatever you do, don’t use anything aside from the free account – the upgrades are far from worth your money.



Ah, Bumble. Now, this is an interesting one. Basically, women are in control. You can’t message them unless they message you first!

I hate this. You probably will, too.

When women are forced to make the first move, it usually results in a whole lotta nothing.



The few women that are on Bumble (it’s a relatively new app) are HOT.

Not many women are using the app, but those that are, well, they’re sexy.

Still, I wouldn’t recommend it. Within a week, I got a grand total of three matches on Bumble, while I got around 100 on Mexican Cupid.

The choice was easy.

That being said, in a few years, Bumble could be a very, very good alternative.

I’ll keep my eye on it for ya’ll.


Is Mexican Cupid Still Your Best Option?

Yes. Mexican Cupid Is Still Your Best Option for online dating in Mexico.

Although Tinder has slightly more attractive women, there are altogether too many time wasters on the app.

My approach to online dating is based on efficiency.

I want to speak with someone, see if I like them and then meet them in real life as soon as possible.

On Mexican Cupid, this is how it works.

On Tinder, Badoo and Bumble, there’s a whole lot of nonsense, like not replying to messages, self promotion (on Tinder at least) and having to sort through trannies and prostitutes.

Not my idea of a good time.

I’m glad that Mexican Cupid kept up – there was a time where their user interface was horrible and when they didn’t have a phone app.

Fortunately, they’ve sorted this out – Mexican Cupid is even better than it was a few short years ago.

So, who wins this war in my Mexican Cupid review?


Winner: Mexican Cupid.


Who Will Get The Most Out Of The Website?

So, who is Mexican Cupid geared toward? Who will get the most out of the app?

As a young man, I do exceptionally well on the app. However, older guys are the ones who are really going to do better on Mexican Cupid compared to other Mexican dating sites.

The “Tinder Demographic” is 18-25 more or less. This means, you’ll get a whole lot of immature girls who just want attention and don’t want to meet.

The “Mexican Cupid Demographic” is basically 24 years old and up. This means that you’ll have a lot less trouble getting them to meet up for dates. Also, fewer of them will live at home with their parents.

In short, Mexican Cupid works for all ages. There’s no issues there.

If you’re 30+, it will work best. If you’re younger, it will still work well, but you may have trouble finding as many 19 or 20 year-olds as you would on Tinder.


Mexican Cupid Review: Final Thoughts

Alright gentlemen,

I hope you’ve enjoyed this brief Mexican Cupid review.

I structured it a bit differently, rather than going into the technical details of using the app, I simply wanted to do a comparison between other alternatives.

I believe this is better – a comparison with the other apps makes it easier to sort out which might be best for you.

So, to sum it all up.

Use Mexican Cupid and Tinder. Feel free to skip the other ones unless you really want to explore all of your options down here.

Make MC your main driver, and use Tinder as a backup or when you’ve got some free time (waiting for coffee to brew, using the bathroom or waiting for a taxi).

And that’s it!


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Thanks for listening, guys.

As always, until next time.