Girls of Tijuana: What To Know Before You Go

Today, I’ll be talking about the girls of Tijuana.

All the things you’re going to want to know.

How to meet them, where to find them, what to watch out for etc.

Although the city is visited by millions of Americans each year looking for a bit of fun south of the border, Tijuana isn’t for beginners.

If you truly want to get the most out of this city, i.e. staying safe, not paying for sex and not getting ripped off, you must educate yourself.

There are many different Tijuana’s, and you don’t have to get stuck into the one full of drugs and prostitutes…unless that’s what you want, of course!

I hope to help with that.

So, are Tijuana women worth the trip or should you skip all that and book a flight to the (in)famous Medellin, Colombia instead?

Getting There

If you’re coming from the United States, getting to Tijuana is a cake-walk. You can drive to the border, or the San Diego Trolley will take you to it. If you’re taking the trolley, where it lets you off will be a straight-shot to the border. You’ll want to walk toward a blue building, from which you’ll see signs pointing you to the border crossing. Walk through the building that has a big sign that says “Mexico”. Agents will check your passport. They probably won’t ask you any questions, but note that if you’re planning to stay longer than a week, you’re going to want to request a FMM Tourist Card to make your stay in the country legal.

Congratulations! You’re in Tijuana, Mexico!



The demographics in Tijuana are interesting. Typically, people from this part of Mexico have lighter skin than people further south in the country.

However, due to mass migration from people from states like Oaxaca and Chiapas, as well as Central America, trying to reach the United States, you’ll find that there is quite a mix of people here. When it comes to girls in Tijuana, this is a good thing! Whatever your type, you’ll be able to find it here.

However, meeting them isn’t as easy as one might think. Due to the prevalence of prostitution here, finding a normal girl can be quite a task. As a foreigner, you’ll probably be assumed to be a sex tourist, which is an unfair and nasty stigma to overcome. 

I’ll talk about how to sidestep this reputation in a moment, but first I’ll talk a bit about strip clubs and prostitution in Tijuana.


Strip Clubs/Prostitution 

It’s no secret: the sex trade (along with the drug trade) contributes greatly to the local economy of Tijuana. So, the city tolerates these things.

As a foreigner, they can be rather difficult to avoid, even if you’re not looking for it.

But, if you are looking for that kind of fun, here are my suggestions.


Hong Kong Gentleman’s Club – A strip club/brothel. One of the Most Famous Joints In The City. Good service, safe and quality girls. The entertainment is top notch and, if you want, you can pay to take a girl upstairs. I recommend this place because, despite the craziness that goes on inside, it provides a controlled, trusted environment. The club has an impressive reputation to uphold, after all. People don’t get robbed or ripped off here.


Amnesia Tijuana – This one is just a strip club (as far as I know…then again, everything is for sale in this city). Go here if you’re just looking for a bit of fun, but aren’t looking to pay for sex. Quality and Entertainment Is Top-Notch and, like Hong Kong, you’ll find girls from all over the country…if not the world.


How To Meet Normal Girls 

I like a good strip club as much as the next guy. But paying for sex isn’t my thing. So, in Tijuana, I have to go off the beaten path a bit.

Luckily, I have some friends there who know where to go.

If you’re looking to meet normal girls from Tijuana, I recommend these bars.

Bar 20

La Mezcalera


Online dating is also key to meeting non-stripper or prostitute girls in Tijuana.

Mexican Cupid Has An Excellent Selection, as does Tinder.

Also, stay away from La Coahuila, the northern part of downtown – it is known for drugs and prostitution. The rest of downtown is relatively safe. Finally, avoid the eastern part of Tijuana in general. It is notorious for crime and violenc

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The Importance Of Knowing Some Spanish

As a foreigner, Spanish will take you a long way here in Tijuana. First, because people will assume you don’t know it and therefore be impressed when you do. Second, not everyone here speaks English, particularly the normal, more wholesome girls of Tijuana (remember, many here are migrants from other parts of Mexico).

It’s an odd phenomenon, really. Even though more people speak English here than they would in, say, Guadalajara, your perceived value will be much higher among Tijuana girls, simply because they won’t expect you to speak any Spanish.

Although the number of English-speakers is sufficient enough to get by without Spanish, if you really want to expand your dating options with girls in Tijuana, I suggest learning some Spanish.

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Girls of Tijuana…My Final Thoughts

Although it’s a city most often associated with strip clubs and prostitution, there is an impressive number of beautiful, wholesome girls in Tijuana to enjoy. Better yet, it’s quite easy to stand out from the crowd of degenerate sex tourists, which will make you look even more appealing. 


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And that’s it!

All in all, pretty straightforward. 


…and even if you’re not into strip clubs, a trip to Hong Kong Gentleman’s Club is worth the experience…it’s like nothing else out there!


As always, until next time.