5 Best Mexican Beach Cities To Live As A Single Man

I’m finally qualified to write a post on the best Mexican beach cities for the single man!

Well, arguably qualified… 

Admittedly, I haven’t visited all of Mexico’s numerous beach cities, but I have spent time in a handful of popular Mexican vacation destinations: Cabo San Lucas, TulumPuerto Vallarta, SayulitaCancun, Playa del Carmen and Mazatlan, to name a few.

While this doesn’t make me an expert, I figured I’d share my thoughts on some of these Mexican beach cities and discuss whether or not they’d be a good place for a single man to put down roots in 2021.

But first, a few things to remember.

This is not a post about the best beaches in Mexico.

From what I’ve heard, Isla Mujeres, Isla Holbox, Zipolite and Huatulco are more pristine. But, if you’re one of the handsome degenerates that reads my site, I’m going to assume a few things about what you might want in a beach town.

1) Hot local women

2) Nightlife options

3) A population of more than 50,000 inhabitants

So, although I’m sure the above Mexican beaches are nice for a weekend getaway, they are too small for a single man to sow his oats (For this reason, Tulum and Sayulita are excluded from the list).

With that out of the way, let’s get into it! The best Mexican beach cities for a single man are…


The Best Mexican Beach City For Single Men (Updated 2021)

5) Cancun

Population 630,000

What does it cost to rent an apartment in Cancun? $800 USD a month for a beachfront studio apartment.




Cancun is last on my list. Although it’s probably the best known Mexican beach city, it is also the most soulless. The coastline has been entirely commercialized and the old downtown is utterly charmless. The massive influx of tourists has gutted this place of any character it may once have had. The centre is full of seedy bars and prostitutes and the tourist zone is full of foul clubs like SeƱor Frogs and Coco Bongo.

That said, it’s a fantastic city to get laid. Just be sure to wear two condoms (at least).

The one silver lining of Cancun is that it has a decent sized population for a beach city. This means that there will be some local girls to game. But you’ll have a more difficult time trying to shake the reputation that you’ve unjustly inherited from the millions of degenerate foreign tourists that have preceded you

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4) Cabo San Lucas

Population: 75,000

What does it cost to rent an apartment in Cabo San Lucas? $600 or $700 for a 1 bedroom should put you close to the beach.




Although not as bad as Cancun, I still wouldn’t recommend Cabo as a Mexican beach destination for the single man (this extends to San Jose del Cabo and La Paz). It’s a small city, overpriced and very Americanized. You’ll see prices listed in American dollars in almost all of the stores and restaurants, and if you’re White, Black or Asian everyone will speak to you in English, even if you’re fluent in Spanish. There isn’t all that much good nightlife compared with Cancun, Playa del Carmen or even Puerto Vallarta and it’s heavily dominated by tourists. Not an adequate number of local girls – or people living here in general – to make Cabo a good option for a single man.

The one plus of Cabo is the great weather. But it’s not enough to keep me there longterm.


3) Puerto Vallarta

Population: 200,000

What does it cost to rent an apartment in Puerto Vallarta? $600 USD if you’re willing to stay a few blocks from the beach.


sculpture-2084271_640 (1).jpg

Puerto Vallarta is a better option than Cancun or Cabo. It’s reasonably priced and has a decent balance of Mexican tourists and foreign tourists (Puerto Vallarta is the go-to vacation spot for people from Guadalajara and Leon, both cities with attractive women). There are also quite a few Canadian and American expats living here, which is good for older guys who have weaker Spanish and are looking for a social group. It also has an impressive number of good restaurants for a city of its size.

One downside is that the nightlife scene lacks diversity. There’s not too many options aside from the big box clubs that dot the malecon. That being said, there are enough local girls to keep you busy for awhile. There’s also a lot of gays here, which may be a turn off for some folks.

Despite the aforementioned, I’ve always enjoyed myself here. I’d stay here for a month or two under the right circumstances.


2) Playa del Carmen

Population: 150,000

What does it cost to rent an apartment in Playa del Carmen? $500 USD for a nice 1 bedroom, $750 for a nice 2 bedroom.




Low cost of living, beautiful women, beautiful beaches and beautiful weather. I was only here for about 5 days, but it was more than enough time to see the potential.

The best thing about Playa del Carmen is that you have both tourists and expats from all over the world. Unlike Cancun and Puerto Vallarta which is largely comprised of Americans and Canadians on a week long vacation, here you will find Argentinians, Brazilians, Italians, Spaniards, Swedes and everything in between, either living here longterm or just visiting. I’ve never seen such an international smorgasbord in such a small city. If you’re a single man in your 20s or 30s and in decent shape, you’ll collect more flags than the United Nations headquarters.

I’ve toyed with living here numerous times. The only reason I haven’t followed through is it would be too goddamn difficult to get any work done. I’m at an age now where the type of degeneracy that Playa del Carmen provides is bordering on excessive. But a few years ago, I imagine I would have thoroughly enjoyed an extended stay here.


1) Mazatlan

Population: 450,000

What does it cost to rent an apartment in Mazatlan? $600 USD will get you close to the beach in Zona Dorada.




Mazatlan is underrated. Vastly underrated. Although it has its share of foreign tourists, it’s not as saturated as Cancun or Cabo. The old downtown has managed to maintain its charm and the hotel zone has some great bars and nightclubs. Beer is extremely cheap and it has some of the best seafood in the entire country.

However, what impressed me the most about Mazatlan was the women. It has some of the best Mexican women in the country. They have good bodies (this is Sinaloa, after all). You don’t find too many hot locals in Mexican beach cities. Mazatlan is an exception. You’ll see a ton of beautiful women in the gyms and running on the malecon.

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With a population of close to 500,000, this also feels like more of an actual city rather than just a tourist sanctuary. This means that if you do an extended stay here you can party like a tourist and live like a local. Best of both worlds. Also, Culiacan is nearby in case you get sick of the beach.

I could see myself doing a six month stint here. Tanning. Dining on fresh fruit and seafood. The weather is great and there are more than enough pretty local girls to keep a man satisfied.

Mazatlan is my number one beach city for 2021.

Just watch out for the narcos! (only kidding…kind of).

And there you have it: The best Mexican beach cities to live in as a single man. You might have noticed that I’ve left Acapulco off the list. It greatly intrigues me, but unfortunately I’ve yet to make it there. I imagine it would make my list.

As always, post your opinion in the comments below!

Until next time,



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