Colombia Dating Sites That Are Actually Worth Your Time

This is your go-to guide for the best Colombia dating sites in 2021?

See, if you want to meet girls in this great nation, there’s a few ways to go about it.

1. You could use a Colombian dating app or website

2. You could book a flight to the country and prowl the streets

3. You could find Colombian enclaves in the United States.

We’re going to talk about number 1. Not only is it the best option, but it provides the best return on investment – you don’t even have to leave your house if you don’t want!

When it comes to dating sites in this country, there are a few decent choices. We’ll go over those options right now.

And, I’ve updated this as of 2021. So no old info here!

What’s still working, and what’s not?

Let’s get it going so you can start meeting some lovely Colombian girls.

 Your 5 Options

So, basically when it comes to Colombia dating sites, you’re going to have 5 options. Yes, more sites in Colombia exist, but the number of uses is either too low or too inactive (usually, both) to warrant being included in this article.

Here are your top options:

1. Colombian Cupid

2. Tinder

3. OK Cupid

4. Badoo

5. Bumble

I’ll do a brief overview of each one to help you determine which one fits you best.

Colombian Cupid


I won’t beat around the bush: Colombian Cupid Is Your Best Option for meeting Colombia women.

It heavily vets its members, requiring them to fill out detailed questionnaires and verify their identity before allowing them to use their service.

They take this seriously: the folks at Colombian Cupid are dedicated to making sure there are no scammers on their site. And it works wonders. This filtering process (takes only about 30 minutes to complete) ensures that riff-raff stays away.

It’s also the largest and most active Colombia dating site, so you’ll never run out of beautiful Colombian women to match with.

And, when it comes to matching…

I found it much easier to match with quality women on Colombian Cupid than any other dating site in Colombia. Tinder, for instance, has a lot of inactive users, or users that just want social proof, and Badoo and Bumble simply don’t have a ton of women using the site. Not only that, but my response rate was extremely high on Colombia Cupid.

Not that I really even needed to message anyone…the girls were messaging me first!

I went on a handful of dates generated through Colombian Cupid while I was in the country, and I was far from disappointed – the girls were much more interested and much less flakey than the ones I encountered on Tinder.

But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. Although it’s free to sign up for a Colombian Cupid account, in order to use the site to its full capacity, you’ll have to pay. Only about $10-13/a month for a longterm plan, mind you, but it’s not free.

I recommend Signing Up For A Free Account and browsing for a few minutes before deciding if you want to pay for the service.



Tinder is still going strong in Colombia. And it is DEFINITELY worth signing up. Here, you’ll find the highest volume of girls (as well as the most attractive ones) out of any Colombian dating site.


The problem with Tinder is, because it’s free and there is literally no vetting process, anyone can sign up. This means that you’ll have a ton of women who never talk to anyone on the app and are simply using it to gain Instagram followers.

This is actually a huge issue.

You’ll find that the response rates on Tinder in Colombia are quite poor. If you message 10 girls, perhaps 2 will respond. And out of those two, one will probably flake on the date and never show up (flaking is a big problem in Colombia…it’s even a bigger problem with Tinder in Colombia).

Ultimately, there are a plethora of hot women on this app, and it boasts more selection out of any other dating app in Colombia. But, you will spend a lot of time trying to extract a legitimate girl from ones who are just on their for self-promotion or to validate their egos.

If efficiency is at all important to you (and it should be if you’re taking a short trip) then opt for Colombian Cupid.

That’s not to say don’t sign up for Tinder…you definitely should. Lord knows I’ve pulled more than a few Colombian gals off the app, but use it casually, because finding the girls that are actually willing to leave their house and meet you is a daunting task.


OK Cupid


Ok Cupid is another decent option in Colombia. It’s free (you can pay, but don’t bother – the additional features aren’t worth it), and there is a reasonable number of women on the app (not as many as Colombian Cupid or Tinder, mind you).

The major issue with OK Cupid is the quality of girls. I’m not sure why, but the quality simply doesn’t measure up to the two aforementioned services. Another issue is that there seems to be quite a lot of users that have moved on from the app, but still have accounts. I noticed that quite a few of my messages went unanswered.

Now, this was just my personal experience – perhaps it’s wrong to extrapolate it. But that’s what I found.

However, the girls that do respond, are very enthusiastic about meeting. It’s just that they won’t be the best looking kids on the block.




I had a bad experience with Badoo in Colombia. I perused the free account before committing to buying (which you should always do!) and I was not convinced.

At all.

The quality of the girls was low and many of them looked downright sketchy. Like Scopolamine-me-in-my-apartment-type sketchy.

Admittedly, it’s been a couple years since I used the app. Could things have changed? Perhaps. But my experience turned me off from the service entirely. As for response rates, I can’t say. I hardly found any women worth messaging in the first place.

I’d imagine it’s still a bad choice as far as Colombian dating sites in 2021 go.

As I said, it may have gotten better, but I would check out Tinder and Colombian Cupid before this one.

Badoo just ain’t really cutting it this year. Every dog has its day, and this dog’s day is done.




Now Bumble is an interesting one.

It’s relatively new in the dating-app world, and therefore doesn’t have too many users in Colombia yet.

Actually, they have hardly any at all compared to the other services I’ve mentioned.


The girls I found on Bumble in Colombia were HOT.

Pound for pound, about the same as on Tinder…maybe even better.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to match very well on Bumble. It works like this: women have to make the first move on the app. Since women are not good at making the first move, I hardly got any messages. I prefer to take the initiative. I hate the idea of having my hands tied because “the woman has to act first.” Should be equal.

Anyway, before I start ranting, I’ll just say that Bumble has potential in Colombia, but it’s not there yet. Way too few users, and women having to make the first move usually just results in a whole lot of nothing.


The Best Colombia Dating Site? Colombian Cupid.

So, Colombian Cupid takes the win here. Even though Tinder has hotter girls overall, on Colombian Cupid you’ll get a much better response rate, real girls and much, much less flakiness. Your conversion rate will be much, much higher on Colombian Cupid than anywhere else. It’s simply much more efficient, which is of utmost importance if you’re only planning on travelling to the country for a couple of weeks. You simply don’t have time to be pursuing false leads.

The only downside is that, as I mentioned before, you’ll have to pay for Colombian Cupid. Although it’s certainly worth it, I understand that this will be a turnoff for some folks.

That’s why I recommend trying a free account first. You can Do That Here.

…And that’s about it, folks! I hope this has helped sort out some of your options for Colombia dating sites.

As you can see, some are better than others.

Until next time.