Cuban Girls: What You Need To Know

Today, I’d like to discuss Cuban girls!

This tiny Caribbean nation will always hold a special place in my heart. When I quit my job and decided to focus my attention on making money online, the first thing I did was book a flight to Havana. I figured 3 weeks without Internet in a foreign culture would help declutter my mind and give me new ways of looking at the world. You know, I was trying to recreate myself, but I needed a push to get the wheels going.

The next 20 days I walked the streets of this country, snapping photos and chatting with locals (most of whom tried to scam me, albeit in a friendly and charming way). In the 6 or so cities I visited, I never found a shortage of people enjoying life and the company of one another, despite their obvious hardships.

One of my most pleasant surprises was the women. I quickly noticed that Cuban girls were gorgeous. From the cutie who checked my passport at the airport, to the beauty who exchanged my money at the bank, there was a level grace, confidence and sensuality that I had never seen before.

I probably fell in love 10 times on that trip.

For those of you who are interested in the beautiful ladies of this beautiful nation, but for whatever reason haven’t been able to make the trip to Havana (or Miami…), I’m here to tell you a little bit about what to expect.


Where Will You Find Cubans?

Yes, in Cuba, I know.

But where else?

The mass exodus brought on by Fidel Castro resulted in over one million Cubans living outside their country. Here are the countries where most of them ended up:


1. United States

2. Spain

3. Italy

4. Puerto Rico (aka: USA again)

5. Mexico



The USA holds the overwhelming majority in this list, with about 10 times the amount of Cubans as Spain. In fact, you won’t really see a noticeable Cuban community in any other country aside from the USA. Within the USA, you’ll find most of them in Miami. If we break it down still, you’ll find most of those in Dade County.

In short, if you want to meet Cuban girls outside of their native country, you’ll basically have to head to “The Magic City.”

Of course, it’s always best to go to the source, but with the US Government’s New Travel Restrictions, some may be discouraged.


Let’s Talk About the Country

So, what’s the deal with Cuba?

Here are some interesting facts.


– It’s the largest island in the Caribbean

– It has the highest number of doctors in the world (doctor to population ratio)

– It has one of the highest literacy rates in the world; most everyone can read

– Coca-Cola is banned

– Cellphone ownership has only been permitted as of 10 years ago


Snapped this coming back from the malecon.


Travelling Cuba is not like travelling other countries. As most of you probably know, it’s a communist regime (i.e dictatorship). And, although as a tourist you won’t really feel the sense of oppression felt by the citizens, it is there. For instance, on a few occasions a local was walking with and speaking to me, only to all of a sudden take off walking in the other direction with no warning if he/she saw a police officer. This is because if they are seen interacting with a foreigner, they could get in trouble.

It’s not that talking to tourists is completely forbidden (I don’t think…), it’s more just what the authorities could accuse you of if they see you doing it. Like conducting private business, talking bad about the regime, etc.

Another thing is that, if you’re staying outside of a resort, like in a hostel or casa particular (a house that is licensed by the government for tourism purposes), you’ll have trouble finding good food. Unless you eat every meal at restaurants aimed at tourists, your choices will be seriously restricted. Markets lack everything, and street food mainly consists of terrible pizza and flavourless pasta. I remember eating a lot of guava, bread and cucumbers whenever I attempted to shop for myself.

But at least the coffee is decent.


What about safety in Cuba?

Well, I’m happy to tell you that it is one of the safest countries I’ve been to in Latin America.

I don’t think this has to do with the moral fabric of the people – it’s more that the punishment for crime against tourists is very grave – like 20 years in a prison work camp grave.

That being said, Cubans will still find many clever ways to get money out of you without violence.

Cuban men and Cuban women alike.

We’ll talk about the latter a bit now.

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Obstacles, Obstacles, Obstacles

The hardest thing about meeting Cuban women is trying to discern if they actually like you, or if they’re just for sale. My first few days in Havana, I started to think that 100% of the female population of this country were prostitutes, low-key or otherwise. If a girl approached me, eventually it came out that it would be pay-for-play. If I approached a girl, eventually it came out that it would be pay-for-play.

That, accompanied by the fact that Cuban girls with get in trouble if they’re seen talking to you (even normal, non-prostitute ones), makes it extremely difficult to hook-up in Cuba.

So, what’s a man to do?

Well, here’s what I did:

I spent my first two days in Havana walking around the city with the friend I was travelling with. He was a photographer, and his hobby provided a good excuse for me to join him, figure out the layout and beat of the city and try to chat up some girls.

It didn’t take me long to realize the aforementioned problem. If I noticed a gal checking me out and went over to say hi, she would either:

1. try to make the conversation transactional


2. be nervously polite, shifting around and not really looking me in the eye (only later I determined this was due to the fact they could get in trouble for interacting with foreigners).

I knew I’d have to change my approach. This wasn’t Mexico, after all. And I figured things would only be worse in smaller Cuban cities. Meeting Cuban girls was not going to go down without a struggle.

“…and so what’s your plan?” my friend asked.

Santa Clara

I pondered a moment.

“To hell with it, I’m going to dress up like a Cuban.”

That’s right.

My solution to meet Cuban women was to play halloween.

Luckily, I’d packed some old, ripped jean shorts, old shoes and a couple wife beaters, which is how a lot of Cuban men dress.

I also had genetics on my side – I’m often told that I look like a rich, white Latino due to my light skin/dark features.

The next day, I walked into a barber shop with my new outfit and told the guy to give me a corte Cubano.

And there I was, Cuban as anyone.

The hilarious thing is that it actually worked. Whenever my friend (blonde haired) would go out alone, he’d tell me that he was harassed endlessly by locals (this was probably due to his big camera, as well). When I went out alone, I found that no one hassled me anymore. Talking to Cuban women at night on the malecon all of a sudden became much easier.

So, my first piece of advice would be to look as local as you possibly can.

The second piece I’d give would be to avoid Old Havana/Central Havana if you’re looking to hit on girls. Try Vedado, the modern part of the city where more well-off citizens live. I found ladies here to be a bit more “normal” i.e a bit less for sale. They’re also more willing to chat (probably because many are from important families and they know the police can’t give them grief). Students hang out here as well, and none of the ones I talked to gave off a prostitute vibe.

The third piece of advice would be to not limit yourself to Havana. I had far less trouble striking up conversations with both men and women in mid-sized cities like Cienfuegos and Santa Clara (Santiago, I got the prostitute vibe again). Although I only managed to get lucky in Havana, I felt like my approaches were much better received In Santa Clara (I sensed that there was a much smaller police presence in mid-sized Cuban cities).

My fourth piece of advice is to get your accommodation situation sorted out. If you try to take a Cuban lady home and you’re staying at a casa particular, they probably aren’t going to let it happen. They have to legally register the girl’s visit, and it could look bad on them as a business. Trust me, they err on the side of caution with this stuff.

Stay in a hotel. The girl will also have to register there and they’ll be reluctant to do so, but hotels are used to this sort of thing so chances are they’ll know the process. If the girl has agreed to go back to “your place” she knows she’ll have to register, so it’s not as though it’ll be a huge shock to her when you arrive.

Another alternative would be finding a casa particular that’s known to be “friendly” to this sort of thing (no, I don’t personally know of any).

Finally, my last tip is to be upfront about the fact that you won’t be paying. Some gals with have sex with you and then talk about needing money to “buy milk for their sister” afterward. Be clear up front that you’re not down for any transactional stuff. It’s a sensitive subject so bring it up with tact (and not before you’ve at least made out!).


What Are They Like?

Let’s talk personalities.

What are Cuban women like?

What can you expect from the genuine, everyday non-prostitute Cuban girls that live in Cuba?

Three words come to mind: addicting, sensual and alluring.

At the risk of sounding too gay, I was very enamoured with Cuban girls. The ones I interacted with had an energy and vibe about them that I’d never experienced before. I reckon the lack of influence of social media contributed to this.

Thing is, in Cuba, a man is a man and a woman is a woman. If a local likes the way you look, she’ll smile at you when she walks by. This is similar to Girls In The Dominican Republic, Cuba’s capitalist neighbor.

Gotta love the Caribbean!

Locals will also let the women know, in less subtle terms, often by yelling at ’em. It feels good; natural. The way it should be. Nothing too sinister about it.

Two incidents stick out in my mind that I won’t forget.

I was strolling the streets of Havana. In front of me was a group of guys, slightly older than myself. All of a sudden, a STUNNING Cuban girl walked past us, flipping her hair but otherwise pretending we didn’t exist. In the same instant, we all turned around to get a better look. As it happened, so did she. She started laughing at the sight of a gaggle of like 8 dudes shamelessly gawking at her. I turned back around and shared a laugh with the guys regarding what had just happened. We exchanged hi-fives, a short chat and one of them said, “welcome to Cuba, hermano.”

A true bonding moment.

The other was on the malecon in Cienfuegos. It was the evening, and I saw sitting alone (looking Cuban as hell). A beauty walked by with her friend and threw me the sweetest smile and I-want-you eyes that I’ve ever had the pleasure of receiving. She didn’t try to solicit anything – she just wanted to know I knew.

While this might seem insignificant, it was a big deal for me. Coming from Canada, where sexual dynamics are anything but natural, and expressiveness is generally frowned upon, I hadn’t really experienced being on the receiving end of such a look of raw, unabashed sexual attraction.

…Ok, I’ll try to stay on topic.

Basically, the personality of Cuban women is unfiltered, direct, and unapologetic. Sexuality is like second nature to them – Cuban girls really know how to get a guy hooked. If they like you, they won’t be shy about letting you know about it.

If you want to hook-up with a Cuban girl, you’ll need to unleash your masculinity. Coyness does not exist in the culture. Go hard with flirtation and make your intentions clear. Cuban men are incredibly aggressive with their approach. And, while you don’t need to match their often over the top assertiveness, you will have to be more straightforward than you’re used to being in the United States or Europe (if you don’t make a move fast and she’s into you, she’ll probably think that you don’t like her…or that you’re gay).

And, as mentioned before, you’ll have to do some work to filter the “working girls” from the normal ones. This means you’ll need to approach A LOT. Even if they don’t seem like prostitutes, they often are.

In short, to have success with Cuban women, be direct, air on the side of aggressiveness and approach like a mad-man (while trusting your prostitute-or-not radar).

Note that if you’re thinking about a relationship, Cubans are famous for their infidelity and the country has one of the Highest Divorce Rates In The World. Tread with caution.

And if your Spanish skills aren’t up to par to chat with the local women, the best thing to do is get the PickUp Spanish program to learn the local lingo.

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What Do They Look Like?

Physically, Cuban girls are all over the spectrum. They can range from white as snow to dark as night, and each and every shade between.

One interesting thing I found was that the attractiveness of Cuban women seemed to be on extreme ends of the totem. What I mean by that is this: the hottest women here are still among the hottest I’ve seen anywhere in the world. But there was a lot of women who were quite ghastly looking. Unlike a country like Mexico or Peru, not many girls fell in to what I would call an average category. Not stunning, but still cute enough to take on a date. In Cuba, a lot of the ladies I saw were basically either stunning or ugly. Not too much in between.

I know this sounds strange – perhaps it’s due to my tastes.

How do they stack up to the other countries in Latin America, you ask?

– Better than Peruvian girls

– Better than Mexican girls (mostly due to more variety)

– Worse than Colombian girls

– Worse than Brazilian girls

That is my extremely non-scientific assessment.

Fun fact: that gal who played the sexy computer program in Blade Runner: 2049 is Cuban! You'll see a few women like this if you head down.

The thing that makes Cuban girls special is their diversity. The country, like Brazil, is somewhat of a racial melting pot, and this has helped produce some of the most beautiful women you’ll ever see.

The above photo is an example of a lighter-skinned national.


Here’s a photo I took that glides toward the other end of the spectrum.

As you can see, there is something for everyone when it comes to Cuban women.

Whether or not you prefer lighter or darker skinned women is not going to matter here.

I also didn’t get the sense that there was much racial tension in the country.

While it’s true that black folk tend to be on the poorer end of the spectrum in Cuba, there didn’t appear to be a great deal of segregation within the population.

People of all colours, shapes and sizes were walking together in the streets, playing baseball, sharing a laugh…

“To live in Havana was to live in a factory that turned out human beauty on a conveyor-belt.”

— Graham Greene: Our Man In Havana

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Alright, folks. I hope my brief insight into Cuban girls has been of some interest.

As you’ve probably discerned, it’s no cake walk to get laid here. Never has a country placed so many barriers between me and the local women.

But, the main thing to remember is that, if you can blow through the various obstacles that go along with sex and hooking-up in Cuba, you will be rewarded with some of the most pleasant women the world has to offer.

I for one hope to go back soon.

…And I hope to see you there as well!


Until next time,