Dating And Meeting Nicaraguan Women: Expat Advice

This is a guest post from a Canadian living in Nicaragua

Nicaragua isn’t a country that jumps to most people’s minds then they think of girls in Latin America —many people couldn’t locate it on a map; some people don’t even know it exists!

But, along with low prices and lots of sunshine, Nicaraguan women are one of The Bonuses About Living Here.

I’ve been in Leon for nearly two years now and I have loved every minute of it.

Today, I’m happy to share everything I know with you about meeting girls in Nicaragua.


What are the Best Cities for Meeting Women in Nicaragua?

This is a small country so it doesn’t have as many big cities as a place like Mexico or Colombia.

When it comes to meeting Nicaraguan women to go out with, as a tourist, here are three options.


1. Leon

Leon is the second largest city in Nicaragua. It is known for its colonial buildings and its universities. And, thanks to the amount of students here, nightlife is pretty good. I would say that people in Leon are friendlier than in Managua and therefore it’s a bit easier to meet women at bars and nightclubs. I chose to live here in Leon because Managua is rather dirty and dangerous and Granada is smaller and there isn’t as much to do.

I wouldn’t say the girls here are better than Granada – they are about the same. Both cities are good for hooking up in Nicaragua.


2. Granada

Granada is very similar to Leon, only smaller. It has a lot of universities (and therefore a lot of university students) as well. There are plenty of bars here, but they have more of a small-town feel. The quality of ladies is the same as Leon. However, more tourists tend to go to Granada so you might not be the only foreigner in town.


3. Managua

Managua is the capital and biggest city. It’s kind of dangerous and chaotic. The city is very spread out and it’s difficult to walk anywhere. While the city has affluent parts that are safe to live in, there is not a definable city center, which means selecting a place to live is difficult. There are plenty of good looking women here as well, but they are harder to find because things aren’t as concentrated as they are in Leon and Granada.

I wouldn’t really recommend living here. You can get most of everything you need in Leon and Granada and the cities are much safer and prettier. Nicaragua is a small country. If there is something you can only get in Managua, it is easy enough to get a bus to the capital. Since the female population isn’t any better looking in Managua, it is best to spend as little time there as possible.

But if you like nightlife you will definitely find more of it here than anywhere else in the country. If you want to party at a new place every night, maybe stay in Managua for a weekend for the experience. Just be careful around the city.

There are other big cities in the country like Masaya and Chinadega but the girls are not as good and they aren’t ideal places to live.


Speaking Spanish To Meet Nicaraguan Women

Is it important to speak Spanish in Nicaragua? Well, yes it is. Most people don’t know English, even if they are young. My Spanish is pretty good but I still have trouble with more complicated conversations. People speak fast here, too.


In Leon some young people will speak Spanish because it is important for their university studies. In Granada this is true, too. I think there are more English speakers per capita in these cities than there are in Managua.

If you don’t speak any Spanish you should definitely learn at least a little bit before you come to Nicaragua.

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Where Should You Go To Meet Nicaraguan Girls?

The best ways to meet Nicaraguan girls for me is on the Internet and in bars. I don’t like to dance very much – I’d rather talk – so I go to bars instead of discos.

On the Internet, I use Latin American Cupid. There aren’t very many girls on there in my city but I found my last girlfriend from the site.

If you talk to girls on the street they are usually shy and won’t look at you very much. I think it is better to go out to bars and clubs to meet girls or maybe to sign up for Spanish classes.

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What Are Nicaraguan Women Like?

Nicaraguan women are very kind and friendly. Many have nice bodies and are feminine. Unfortunately a lot of them will ask you for money because they aren’t very well off. I think younger people might have an easier time dealing with this but it is worth mentioning. I understand this because it is a poor country, but you want to know that a girl likes you for more than just your money and sometimes it can be hard to tell here.

I personally think that Nicaraguan girls are very pretty. I have been to Guatemala and Mexico and they are definitely better looking than Guatemalan girls, and probably the same as Mexican girls.

They will often cook for you and introduce you to their families quickly. They are very close with their families here so you will meet brothers, sisters, mom and dad if the girl likes you.

Physically, Nicaraguan girls are pretty short. They have nice skin, and are a bit more on the indigenous side, although there are some lighter skinned women as well.

I’m sure girls are better in Colombia and Brazil but I don’t think you will be too disappointed here.


 What Else Should You Know About Nicaraguan Girls?

Most Nicaraguan women like foreigners. They are interested in countries outside of Nicaragua and will want to know about where you come from. They will also assume you have more money than locals so that will help you attract them.

Unfortunately that will also make you a target for crime. I have not had any problems here but I am careful about walking around alone at night. Leon has a safer reputation than Managua, so I do not think anything bad will happen to you here.

But maybe you should only wear nice clothes if you are going out on a date. Most people don’t wear shorts here, so I recommend wearing thin pants to avoid sticking out too much and also to fight the heat.



Nicaragua is a great place for guys looking to meet women and who don’t want to spend a lot of money. I am looking forward to living here for longer. Another good thing about Leon and Granada is that there are a lot of expats to hang out with so you can have a little bit of a taste of home.

I really recommend you come and check out girls in Nicaragua. Trust me, There Are Plenty To Things To Love About This Place.

Thanks for reading this, and thank you to the author of this blog for letting me write a post.


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