What Are Bricheras? (And Other Things You Should Know About Dating In Peru)


I will likely be heading down to Peru again in March or April.

As some of you may recall, This Wasn’t My Original Plan.

In 2018, the idea was to choose a place to settle and stop this nomadic stuff.

But, alas, I was playing with a bit of business while I was in Lima and it’s been showing some potential. So, I’m going to try and see it through, at least for the summer.

To commemorate this wholly unexpected turn of events, I’ve decided to do a fun little post about dating in Peru.

Why not, right?

Let’s get it going.


What are Bricheras?

Alright first off we’re going to talk about bricheras.

What are they, you ask?Bricheras are Peruvian girls that go exclusively for gringos (gringo-hunters, essentially). But they are a bit more sinister than your everyday gringo hunters, which you’ll find all over Latin America.

For these gals, it’s a lifestyle. Their motivations may vary – they might go for gringos for status, maybe for money in the form of gifts and free meals, or simply because they like to bang a ton of foreigners. What they all have in common, though, is the fact that they’ve buried more bones than a medieval grave digger.

Now, I know my readers. I can split most of you naughty bastards up into two categories:


Those that are looking to bang as many Bricheras as possible because they’re low hanging fruit

Those who want to avoid bricheras and find a nice, wholesome Peruvian girl.

The good news is there is plenty of both the former and the latter in Lima.

I judge not.

So, for those of you that fall into that first category…


Where To Find Bricheras In Lima


Here are some bars you should hit if you’re looking for bricheras.

Ayahuasca (on Wednesdays)

Anything on Calle de las Pizzas


Obviously, Latin American Cupid will have plenty of them to choose from as well.

And for those looking to avoid Bricheras…


Where to Avoid Bricheras in Lima

Here are some bars you can hit if you’re in to non-brichera Peruvian girls.




Toro Retro Bar



I believe I have A Few More Bar Recommendations Here for those interested.

Now, let’s get into a few other things you should know about dating in Peru.


Things To Know About Dating In Peru

1.     Peruvian girls are less flakey than other girls in Latin America

Peruvian girls are much less likely to stand you up than other women in South America (Colombia, I’m looking at you). If you schedule a meeting, they’ll generally show up, sometimes even on time!


2.     Get your logistics down

If you want to set up dates with girls here, it’s important to get your logistics down. Best way to do this is to stay in Miraflores. If you’re walking distance to both Parque Kennedy and Larcomar you’re golden – you’ll have no trouble getting girls to meet you in or around these places. Barranco is another good option for tourists.


3.     They’re not manipulative

Peruvian girls are generally not as manipulative as other Latinas (ahem, Colombians…). Most won’t try to manipuate you, or if they do, it’s easy to see through. This makes dating in Peru a bit less complicated than in other Latin American countries. If a gal appears to like you, chances are that she really does, and isn’t just after your dollars. Not to say that gold-diggers don’t exist here – they most certainly do! But I personally didn’t find this to be as big an issue as it is in Colombia or Central America. This makes dating in Peru slightly less frustrating than in other countries.


4.     On average, women aren’t as attractive as other places in South America

This is no secret. But the quality is nowhere near as bad as some people seem to think. Walking the streets, you will not see as many hot women here as you would walking the streets of Colombia, Argentina or Brazil. But by no means does that imply that hot women don’t exist in Lima! There is more than enough to keep a man happy here. There are many, many girls that I’d be happy dating in Peru. I expect you’ll find the same.


5.     Going out on dates in Peru more expensive than in other Latin American countries

Drinks are surprisingly expensive here. Whereas in the nicer parts of Mexico City or Bogota, you can easily find good cocktails that run about $5.00 or $6.00, in the nicer areas of Lima, you’ll pay $7.00 or more. Any restaurant that is not a menu is also more expensive than the aforementioned cities. Is this a big deal? Not really, but most people have the impression that Lima is cheaper than these places. It is actually more expensive. This wasn’t true 5 years ago. Was cheap back then. But Peru’s economy is booming and prices now reflect that. Dating in Peru will cost more than dating in Colombia or Mexico.


A few other CliffNotes on Lima



1.     Come in summer

In the summer, Lima is sunny every day with near perfect temperatures. In the winter, it’s cloudy all day, every day. But hey, at least it never rains.

Although the winter here isn’t that bad (personally, I kind of like it) I’m guessing most of you aren’t looking to travel to South America to spend your days under an overcast sky. Just come in the summer. It can completely change your perspective of the city (and more girls are walking the streets during the summer months).


2.     The food is amazing

Best food in LATAM. My advice is to save some additional cash before you go so you can try out some decent restaurants while you’re here. Even if you’re a bit strapped, you can sample excellent local food at menu restaurants, which will run you about $3.00 USD for 2 (sometimes 3!) courses.


3.     Don’t limit yourself to the tourist areas

Don’t stay in the Miraflores and Barranco bubble the entire time. Get out and explore other zones! Centro has a unique grittiness and charm about it, but if you stray too far from Plaza San Martin it can be a bit unsavory…and downright dangerous at night. Check out the Monument of Callao (just stick to the punto though, the rest of Callao is pretty dangerous). Check out Magdalena. San Isidro, San Borja. Spend the day in Lince. Shake things up a bit.


4.     Go to Playa Asia

If you’re here in summer, take the time to go to Playa Asia. Pura fiesta. This is where young rich people in Lima like to go and let loose.


5.     Don’t worry too much about overstaying your visa

Like Lima so much you don’t want to leave? Don’t worry about overstaying your visa. You’ll be charged $1.25 a day for each day you overstay, but you won’t be barred from the country or anything like that.

Likewise, if you notice your visa time is coming up, hop over to Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Brazil or Chile…Peru borders all of them! Then come back in and get yourself another 90-180 days.

*NOTE: As of 2018, they are cracking down on this. If you do a border hop, they’re still likely to let you back into the country, but don’t expect to get another 180 – you’re more likely to get 30, 60, or 90. For more information about tourist visas in Peru, Check This Post.



And there you have it!

Just a few quick notes about bricheras and dating in Peru for anyone thinking of visiting Lima or any other part of the country.

Although I didn’t intend to come back here, I’m starting to look forward to it. I’ve been a bit tough on it in the past, but at the end of the day it ain’t a bad city. Another positive thing about Peru is its location – you can easily hop a cheap flight to Colombia, Chile, Ecuador or even Brazil if you want a taste of something different.

Thanks for listening!


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