Latin American Cupid Review: Is It Worth Buying?

Here is my in-depth Latin American Cupid review!

Hot off the presses for all you fine folks.

When it comes to online dating in Latin America, there really aren’t too many options.

Many dating apps that are gaining popularity in the United States (Coffee Meets Bagel, Hinge, Bumble) haven’t made the way down here yet. Who knows if they ever will.

For men wanting to meet women online in Latin America, that leaves two main services: Tinder and Latin American Cupid.

I’m assuming most of the people reading this have heard of Tinder, or perhaps even used it.

Less of you have heard of Latin American Cupid.

But, since my blog focuses predominantly on women and Latin America, a review of a dating app that involves both is something my readers ought to know.

This review will be detailed, and include my own experience with the service. By the end of it, you should have a very good idea as to whether or not Latin American Cupid is legit, and whether or not it is the best dating service for you in Central and South America.


What Is It?

Latin American Cupid is the largest Latin dating site in the world, boasting over 3 million members. I’ve found that it has members in almost every Latin American country, albeit smaller countries (Paraguay, Bolivia, Uruguay) have less than others. These are the countries it emphasizes on its website. This Latin American Cupid review will touch on its effectiveness in each respective nation.

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Although it defines itself as the “most trusted Latin dating site,” in reality there are members from all over the world. If I had to venture a guess, most men on the site are from the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe, whereas most women are from Central and South America. After signing up for the site, it will quickly become obvious that most of the Latinas are looking for foreign men. This can be both a good thing and a bad thing. We’ll get to why a bit later in this review of Latin American Cupid when I discuss the positives and negatives of the site.


How Does it Work, Exactly?

To sign up for Latin American Cupid is an extremely simple process. Even if you’ve never used the Internet, they make setting up your account about as straightforward as it could be:

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1) Create A Profile

You’ll first be prompted to create a profile. Name, age, sex…everything you’d expect. You can sign in with your Facebook profile to expedite the process (don’t worry, they don’t share any of this personal information on Facebook or elsewhere). Then, you’ll be asked to fill in a little bit of information about yourself, i.e what you’re looking for, languages you speak, hobbies and interests etc. You’re not required to fill in all fields here, but I suggest you do. It will greatly increase your matches and exposure. Latin American Cupid goes to a great deal of effort to make sure every user is verified and not a robot or scam artist, so in order to keep the site safe and secure, I’d recommend taking the 30 minutes or so to fill out your profile in detail.


2) Browse Latinas

After you’ve filled in your profile, you can start the fun stuff: checking out Latinas! A but later on in this Latin American Cupid Review, we’ll talk about how to do just that. Depending on the dating service you’ve signed up for (ex. Colombian Cupid, Mexican Cupid, Dominican Cupid, Latin American Cupid etc.) you’ll be able to browse girls from any city of your choosing. Latin American Cupid will allow you to browse girls all over Latin America, whereas the country-specific services (Colombian Cupid, Brazil Cupid, Mexican Cupid etc) will allow you to browse girls from any city of your choosing within the country.

I’d suggest perusing the results on both Latin American Cupid AND the country that you would like to focus on. Compare the results, and purchase the service that shows the best-looking girls. For the best results, and if you don’t mind spending the extra money, you can buy both Latin American Cupid and the country-specific account to maximize your prospects.


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3) Start Messaging

You’ll probably notice that within a day or two of opening your account, you will already be receiving messages. But here’s the kicker: you’ll have to buy an account before you can message anyone back, or initiate any message. In other words, you can set up your account and browse as many Latinas as your heart desires, all for free. However, if you actually want to connect with these women, you’ll have to pay a small membership fee.

The best deal by far is to pay for 12 months in one single payment. This is the route I went because I knew I wanted to be on the road a lot. And even when I wasn’t, I could still line up girls for my next trip when I was in Canada, something that Tinder couldn’t offer at the time. $12.50 a month was reasonable to me because I knew how much I’d use the service (hint: a lot😉).

If you’re still on the fence after browsing but still want to message some girls, there is also a cheaper, standard account available, but it only lets you message paying female members (of which there are far less).

Let’s talk about which countries are most serviced by the site.


Where Does Latin American Cupid Work The Best?

As I mentioned before in this Latin American Cupid review, the service works better in some countries than in others.


I’ll make this easy for you. Here are the best countries to use Latin American Cupid in:

Colombia (Colombian Cupid)

Mexico (Mexican Cupid)

Dominican Republic (Dominican Cupid)

Brazil (Brazil Cupid)

Peru (Latin American Cupid)


Here are the countries where it is still very much worth using, but the quality of the women is slightly lower:






Costa Rica

El Salvador


Here are the countries where you’ll find the least users:






Keep in mind that LAC still does have members in the aforementioned countries, it’s just that in my opinion there aren’t enough to justify paying for the service. Keep in mind that this review of Latin American Cupid is personal – feel free to browse your country of choice to see if the juice is worth the squeeze. New members are signing up each day, which means that the aforementioned countries could very well have many more options by the time you read this review.

PRO TIP: If you’re an above-average looking guy and are using the service in Central America or Ecuador, you will have almost no competition. So, although there are less users in these places, you’ll virtually be able to have your pick of any gal you want. They will almost certainly be willing and enthusiastic to meet up with you.

The Pros Of Latin America Cupid

1) Browse girls from all over Latin America, from wherever you are in the world

The main draw of LAC for me was the ability to easily check out and message women from all over Latin America from the comfort of my home computer. This made it super easy for me to arrange dates with multiple women before I even arrived in a destination. This is incredibly useful for time-saving purposes, but also for less obvious means – for instance, many of these girls will be willing to pick you up from the bus station or airport, or even tour you around their city. So while the service is geared mainly toward sex and dating, it’s also great for allowing you to dig deeper into the local culture and discover things you wouldn’t otherwise had.

2) Plenty of girls to choose from

Because it’s the largest dating site in the world of its kind, LAC has a plethora of different women to choose from, with more and more signing up each day. Most of these girls are excited at the prospect of meeting a foreigner, and will be willing to go out of their way to meet you and get to know you.


3) Security

LAC is the most trusted Latin Dating site. Their screening process ensures that its members are real people, and interested in meeting singles. The fact that they require identity verification from all of their members is hugely important for me, as trying to meet women in these countries who aren’t scam artists can occasionally be difficult. Other, smaller dating site in Latin America don’t demand nearly the same security measures of Latin American Cupid. For that reason alone, I refuse to use them.


4) Quality of the women

Not all of the women on LAC are beautiful. I’ll talk about this in the next section of this review of Latin American Cupid. But what sets them apart from other dating sites is their willingness to meet up and chat. There is much less flakiness on LAC than on other online dating sites and services. In my experience, over 90% of the women I’ve carried on conversations with have been very willing to meet with me. In other words, they weren’t simply using the site to get attention. For the most part, they are genuine. Almost every date I’ve been on from LAC has been enjoyable. I can’t say the same for Tinder.

Likewise, far more girls I’ve met on LAC seem like better relationship candidates that I’ve met on Tinder.

Keep this in mind if you’re looking for something more serious with a Latina.

The Cons Of Latin American Cupid

1) Older men tend to do better on the site

No Latin American Cupid review would be complete without discussing the cons of the service.

LAC is generally geared toward a slightly older age group. That means that you’ll find more women over 30, some of whom have been divorced and may even have a kid. Since many girls on here tend to be looking for something more serious, younger backpacker types might not want to bother with LAC.

You’ll still be able to meet a handful of girls as a young chap, but I’d more readily recommend the service to guys 35 or older, and who are open to more than just casual hookups. On Latin American Cupid, you can find some very sweet and genuine girls. This was a pleasant surprise after using Tinder.


2) Not all of the girls are pretty

Only about 1 out of every 4 or 5 girls on LAC will be pretty. The ratio will be better in Colombia, Mexico and the DR, and the same or worse in countries like Guatemala or Honduras. Depending on how high your standard is, you might be disappointed.

From a physical standpoint, Tinder definitely has better-looking girls on the whole. No contest. But, as I said before, the girls on LAC are generally much more pleasant to spend an afternoon with, in my experience.


3) It Costs Money

Although a subscription is cheap, LAC costs money. This will lose a lot of people. But the good thing is that charging a small fee operates as a screening process. If the women want to initiate a conversation with a man they like (you, hopefully!) they will have to pay as well. This small investment signals that they are serious, and are therefore less likely to screw you around by not showing up on time for a date, or not showing up at all.

This has been true in my experience.

It’s possible to Try A Free Version Of Cupid to evaluate the selection, but if you want to start messaging girls, you’ll have to pay a small monthly fee.

Latin American Cupid vs. Tinder

Any Latin American Cupid review needs to talk about Tinder, perhaps its main competitor in the region. Kind of the elephant in the room: Why should I pay for Latin American Cupid when I can use Tinder for free? People who are wondering this have a point. You can get a standard Tinder account for free, and a Tinder Plus account to browse girls from all over the world for approximately the same price as a standard LAC account.

But, there are a couple things to keep in mind when comparing Latin American Cupid with Tinder. If I didn’t think LAC was a comparable, if not better, option than Tinder, I wouldn’t have bothered writing a Latin American Cupid review.

First of all, if you are over 30 years old, Tinder will age-discriminate against you buy charging you double the price for Tinder Plus. In my mind, this is outrageous. Even though I’m under 30 and can afford a Tinder Plus account, I haven’t bought one on principal.

Second of all, if you are using a paid Tinder Plus account to browse girls from other countries with the expectation of meeting them when you arrive, you may be disappointed. Girls you meet on Tinder will expect you to be in their country, and if you’re not, they WILL NOT wait for you. Girls on Tinder get dozens of messages a day, so if you’re 4000 miles aways you will quickly be buried by the messages of other dudes that are 3 miles away and ready to get a drink. Pipelining on Tinder simply doesn’t work well. You’re much better off being in the country when you use it.

Alternatively, on Latin American Cupid, girls you talk to won’t even necessarily expect that you’re in the country yet. If you tell them you are arriving in a week and are just looking to meet people, it isn’t creepy or unusual in the slightest. I always use LAC instead of Tinder unless I’ve already landing in my Latin American country of choice. Then, I start using both.

I’ve use a solution that encompasses the best of both worlds. I use my Latin American Cupid account before I’m in the country to connect with girls, and use this Tinder secret to simply browse girls in any given country to see what the quality is like. I suggest you do this too.

Also, Tinder doesn’t work well for guys in the 35+ age range unless they are well above average looking (it is an extremely superficial app in this sense). If you are 40 or above, LAC is by far your better option.

But, as I said before in this Latin American Cupid review, Tinder has hotter girls. Keep this in mind before deciding.


 Latin American Cupid: Is It Worth Your Money?

Let’s bring this Latin American Cupid review to a close: is it worth it or not?

I’d say that, for most men, it absolutely is.

The ability to meet women in Latin America and have several dates arranged before I arrive in a country has probably been the single most enjoyable thing about my travels in Central and South America. The interesting people I’ve been able to meet, the sites I’ve been able to see and the subtleties I’ve been able to learn about different cultures have, to a great deal, been made possible through this service.

Not to mention a bit of fun between the sheets ;).

The only people I wouldn’t recommend Latin American Cupid to are young backpackers staying in hostels that are passing through several countries, staying only one or two days in each city. Save your money, because you likely won’t be able to get the most out of LAC this way.

But, if whether you’re planning a trip or move to Latin America, or simply want to chat with some Latinas from the comfort of your home country, I highly suggest checking out this service.

My goal in writing this Latin American Cupid review was to shed some light on the site before you commit to buy – you should know if this particular service will be worth your money before signing up. I can tell you that, for me, it was. As someone who doesn’t enjoy going out to bars that much, it provided me with a good alternative to meet girls.

Best of luck gentlemen!

I hope this Latin American Cupid review has been helpful. Check it out for yourself with the link below. If you like what you see, sign up and give it a go.


Click here to Visit The Latin American Cupid Site to see what the service is all about.


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