Costa Rican Girls: What You Must Know!

This is a guest post from an American living in Central America

Costa Rican girls aren’t typically ranked among the hottest in Latin America and the fact that, according to this blog, Costa Rica Is Not At The Top Of The List for places to pick up girls in Central America, I have grown particularly fond of this paradise after moving to Nicaragua and getting acquainted with the talent south of the border on my visa runs.  Having to leave the country to get your passport stamped isn’t so bad when you combine it with a mission to find some different pussy.  Nothing against Nicaraguan girls – they can be very beautiful.  However in Nicaragua there isn’t a huge variety of girls to choose from, just the leftovers that weren’t fortunate enough to make it out of the country. 

Girls from all over South America and Central America flee to Costa Rica because they understand it is a land of opportunity.  Many of the girls that re-locate are prostitutes but a few higher educated, goal orientated ladies slip through the cracks.  The country has become very developed and “Americanised” over the last 20 years, meaning that there are more money-making opportunities than in other, more impoverished Central American nations, such as Honduras or Nicaragua.

Here are some pointers for getting girls the next time you find yourself in the land of “Pura Vida.”

Know The Language

You definitely won’t need to be fluent in Spanish to pick up girls here, but knowing a little Spanish won’t hurt.  The country has a high population of people that speak English, especially in the tourist areas, but if you are looking to get off the beaten path then speaking Spanish is a must.  The girls that do speak English will love that you are trying to learn their language and think your accent is adorable.  If you don’t speak Spanish then your chances aren’t completely thrown out the window but keep your translator close.

In Costa Rica, even the basics go a long way. Most of the expats and foreigners here don’t make much of an effort to learn Spanish since English levels are fairly high. It will do you good to put yourself above the pack by learning a bit of the local lingo.

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Where To Pick Up Costa Rican Girls

There are only a few good tourist destinations to choose from that are specifically good for picking up Costa Rican girls.  Tamarindo and Jaco would be your two best locations if you’re looking to get lucky and have a good vacation.  These are the most popular places so they will attract the hottest women in Costa Rica to work in the restaurants/bars, casinos and other tourist businesses.  These girls will have style and you will need to have some style points of your own to pick up here. It’s also more difficult to play the money game, since a lot of women here are financially independent.  You must however be careful when visiting Jaco because the town runs rampant with prostitutes, be sure that your new friend isn’t just looking for the fresh hundred dollar bill in your pocket.  If you are looking for that type of fun then head over to the Cocal Casino and Hotel where you will not be let down.  Just south of Jaco there is a small beach town called Playa Hermosa that is a great place to find your dream surfer girl.

San Jose and the surrounding areas are where most the good looking girls originate from. However, the city isn’t the best place to enjoy yourself unless you’re deep inside a lady friend.

The best kept secret an area known as Pérez Zeledón.  It is said that there is an 8 to 1 girl to guy ratio.  However these girls will be more reserved and will most likely not speak English.  The best city to check out is San Isidro which is actually the fastest growing city in Central America.

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Image Is Key

To get that Tica girl you have been dreaming about, it will be important that you are what she is looking for.  Chances are she is looking for money so you better find the right House Rental Accommodations, vehicle and clothes to match.  These types of girls are sick of the beach bums that have already let them down so this is your chance to shine.  The truth is that for the majority of women in Costa Rica it won’t take the penthouse sweet to impress them, the standard room at the Best Western should do just fine.  But the high class girls are always looking to be a little more comfortable. Similar to learning a bit of the local language, staying in a nicer accommodating will work wonders to set you apart from most of the other gringos that populate the beaches and cities here in Costa Rica.


Best Techniques

For picking up women in Costa Rica, nothing seems to work better than strolling the beach with a puppy…but chances are you won’t have a puppy in Costa Rica.  Your next best chance would honestly be Tinder around San Jose.  Going out at night would be a close second but beware of the stage 5 clingy hookers, they tend to give you a bad image if you focus too much attention on them even if you aren’t looking to pay to play. Not all Costa Rican girls in the capital are prostitutes, of course, but you still must be vigilant. It may not always be immediately obvious that a girl is a prostitute — particularly if there is a bit of a language barrier, so it is best to proceed with caution if you’re unsure.


What Type of Girls to Expect

There are Various Types Of Latina Girls To Hook Up With and Costa Rica has them all.  Another type that you will find in Costa Rica is the “Surfer Girl” always in a bikini, in search of the perfect wave. Life is a beach for these chicks.  She will usually have a crowd of surfer buddies following her around, wishing they could get a piece of the action.  With that being said they are usually hard to approach and trying to chat her up while she waits for the next wave will most likely be a fail.

Most of the really good looking Costa Rican girls are locals that are hopelessly waiting for the perfect gringo to come along and sweep them off their feet to bring them to “the land of the free.”

There is also a high concentration of Nicaraguan girls.  They can be picked out by their darker complex.  In my experiences these girls are the freaks of the party and are great in the sack.  They come because the wages are a little higher is Costa Rica which allows them to send some money home to their families

There is also an increasing number of girls coming from Venezuela due to the recent economic problems the country is facing.  In my opinion these girls are mostly desperate to find someone to take care of them. This isn’t to say to avoid them completely but, again, be careful. They are more likely to be after money than local women.

You will also encounter girls from Colombia, Panama and other Latin countries, but the truth is that many of the girls only come because prostitution is legal. It’s a better bet to stick to the local Costa Rican girls.

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