Guanajuato, Mexico Women and Dating Guide

Located in the geographic centre of Mexico in the state of Guanajuato. One of my all-time favourite cities, and considered to be one of the most beautiful in Mexico. It was once a rich silver mining town built up by the Spanish. The women are friendly and attractive, the weather is near-perfect and the city center is very pedestrian friendly, with plenty of plazas, restaurants and cafes.





It is easy to hook up with girls in Guanajuato. Really easy to hook up, actually. Many are in university and away from home for the first time so. . . yeah. The proximity of nightlife to the university and the ratio of women to men and young people to old people makes Guanajuato an all-too perfect recipe for hedonism. The unfortunate thing is is that this is a small city, and people tend to go to the same bars so if you try to play too many girls for too long, you’ll get burned. Also, if you are over 35 or look over 35, it becomes much more difficult. This city is best for ages 20-30. The state of Guanajuato is one of the most conservative, so most people will be married by around 30. If you’re not, they’ll start to wonder what might be wrong with you.

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Typical Bajio stuff: slightly browned skin, cute faces and long black hair is the norm. About 5″4 is the typical height. Girls are of average hotness in Guanajuato, but there are many cute girls that you’d be happy introducing to mom.



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Can be done for $250 as long as you don’t rent from white people. I knew a waiter from San Diego who was sharing a room a short cab ride from Centro for about $60. The best way to do it is to meet some students, which there are plenty of here. They will know of cheap housing in Guanajuato. 




Nightlife in Guanajuato is surprisingly good. Extremely fun, and all bars in Guanajuato are within walking distance, so ideal for venue changes. Logistically, it does not get much better than Guanajuato nightlife. If you live alone in a house or apartment walking distance from Teatro Juarez you’ll never want to leave.

I recommend: Start the night at Barfly. Then, if you’re having no luck (or if you’re over 35), do a venue change to Los Lobos where the crowd is a bit older. Finally, when either Barfly or Lobos closes, take your catch and head to La Dama, which closes at 5:00 am. You can bring home a girl every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night by sticking to this template. But be wary if you’re planning a longtime stay because word can get out fast. The good thing about small cities is that you can figure them out quickly. The bad thing about them is that they can figure you out quickly. Be wary of the fact that this is not Mexico City or Guadalajara.



Guanajuato is safe. I never felt at risk walking around the centre at night. There are, however, a number of small alleyways called callejones that would be ideal for robberies, so don’t mess around in those too much after dark.



Guanajuato is the perfect city for an extended stay if big metropolises aren’t your jam. I could easily see myself living here for a year or more under the right personal conditions. The city is truly enchanting: the people, the colours, the architecture, the plazas. Everything. However, I acknowledge the fact that for many people this city will get boring after a couple weeks. Also, the small town vibe and centrality of everything aren’t conducive to anonymity, so if your goal is solely to hook up with a hot girl in Guanajuato, your cover will be blown pretty quick. This fact will matter more to some than others. If you’re looking for a larger city, nearby Leon might be a cozy alternative, although the city itself isn’t as pretty as Guanajuato is!


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