How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Apartment in Mexico?

Do you want to move to Mexico?

Of course you do.

Who wouldn’t?

A good thing to know before you leave is how much it’s going to cost to rent an apartment. Don’t go by FlipKey, Airbnb or VRBO. If you do, you’ll end up like my American friend, paying $600 a month to share a two bedroom shanty with two other people in a third-tier city.

Like any country in the world, apartment rental prices in Mexico vary by region; generally they become more expensive the further north you go.

I’ve selected some nice, modern apartments that would go for $1000 or more if they were in any American city. They are all located in upper-class neighbourhoods, and some even offer 24 hour security.

Is it possible to find cheaper?

Of course. In any of the cities below – with a bit of sacrifice – you should be able to find something in a relatively safe neighbourhood for under $300 USD a month.

Here’s the list:

*All listings are one bedroom apartments

1) Mexico City – $750.00 USD/Month

Here’s a 1 bedroom in the Benito Juarez district, a great neighbourhood near Colonia Roma.

2) Guadalajara – $460.00 USD/Month

This really Mexican-style place near the posh neighbourhood of Chapultepec is a good deal for the area.

3) Monterrey – $880.00 USD/Month

Monterrey is one of the most expensive cities in Mexico. But $880.00 will still get you a 1 bedroom in one of the nicest apartment buildings in the the upscale neighborhood of San Pedro.

4) Playa del Carmen – $920.00 USD/Month

Walking distance to the beach, a pool, a gym, parking AND 24 hour security for under $1000 a month? I’ll take 2.

5) Merida – $270.00 USD/Month

Prices in Merida are cheap. And it’s a lovely town. This 1 bedroom is only 5 minutes from city centre.

6) Guanajuato – $280.00 USD/Month

Guanajuato. One of the most-visited cities in all of Mexico, and for good reason. It’s breathtaking. You can rent an apartment with a view of the famous colonial city for under $300.

7) Morelia – $500.00 USD/Month

If you’re not afraid of a little drug violence (only kidding), you can snatch up this loft for a cool $500. Morelia is definitely worth basing up for a month.

8) Cuernavaca – $500.00 USD/Month

If you don’t want to live in the chaos of Mexico City, but still want to be close to it, Cuernavaca is your best choice. This exceedingly red studio is in a good location.

9) Puebla – $300.00 USD/Month

Fancy a rustic loft in the nicest neighbourhood of Puebla? Make it yours for only $300.00 greenbacks.

10) Aguascalientes – $450.00 USD/Month

A beautiful apartment in a Mexican city with one of the highest standards of living in Latin America. It’s both a shame and a mystery why more people don’t travel to Aguascalientes.

I truly believe that Mexico is one of the most underrated places in Latin America. Even before the drug violence, many beautiful cities in the interior of the country were largely ignored by the touring masses.

Do me a favour: the next time you’re there, take some time off from the beach and rent a car or catch a bus inland. Especially if you’re young. The cities are teeming with energy, art and culture, and the party scene is spectacular.

Mexico City is the new Paris. Don’t miss out.


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