How To Fake Your Tinder Location & Meet Girls From All Over Latin America

I’ve never been a Tinder enthusiast.

I don’t deny that it’s one of the most efficient ways to hookup with women at home and on the road, but I prefer a more organic approach.

It must be the romantic in me.

That being said, when I discovered a hack while browsing blogs and forums that allows you to fake your Tinder location and meet girls from any country, city, barrio or favela in Latin America I knew I had to give it a try.

Since tinkering with it a bit, the app now works flawlessly, and my productivity has been pushed aside to make time to see whether or not girls are attracted to me in Paraguay. Or Bolivia.

Or wherever, really.

Below is a step-by-step guide of how you too can hack Tinder and meet girls from anywhere in Latin America. And don’t worry, I’m as computer illiterate as they come so if I can figure it out, you can too.

*I’m using a 2009 White Macbook running OS 9 (I know, I’ll update soon), but it is my understanding that this will work on any computer, and functions optimally on PCs.

You will need to download an Android emulator on your computer (as far as I know this cannot be done on a phone). Essentially, you have two options for emulators: Genymotion or Bluestacks. I’d recommend Genymotion because it seems to have less bugs and glitches (I’ve tried both).

Step 1:

Go to and create an account (it only requires an email). Next, click “Get Genymotion” and download the free version. Choose the corresponding operating system for your computer (Mac, Windows or Linux) and download it.

Step 2:

Once Genymotion is downloaded, you’ll need to download an addition program called VirtualBox in order to run it. Go to and click “downloads” on the left side of the screen. Download and install the correct platform package. Fire up VirtualBox and then Genymotion.

Step 3:

Log in to your account and select a device to use. You’ll be presented with a list that offers you a baffling number of Android-based handheld devices to download. The one that worked best for me was “Custom Phone-4.2.2-API 17 – 768×1280 but this is likely due to the fact that my computer is 100 years old in technology years. If your computer is newer than mine, feel free to use the 4.3 Custom version or any other device you like. I wouldn’t bother going with a version above 4.4 if you’ll just be using it for Tinder.

Step 4:

Once the download is completed, you should be presented with a fully-functional Android device on your computer. Hit “OK” for all the intro prompts, and take note of the GPS icon on the right side of the phone’s screen. This will be vital for Tindering.

Step 5: 

Next, you will have to install Google Play on your device in order to download Tinder. This takes a bit of doing, but luckily this YouTube video lays it all down for you. Once you are finished, you can log in to the Google Play store with your Google account to download Tinder.

Changing Your Tinder Location

There is a GPS Icon on the upper righthand side of your device. If you click on it, you will be able to place yourself anywhere in the world, either by placing a pin on the map, or by entering your desired GPS coordinates. Before opening the Tinder app, simply type the name of the city and/or neighbourhood you want to troll (browse) and drop a pin.

Congratulations, you will now be able to check out and chat with girls from anywhere in the world.

A Few Important Notes

Sometimes getting Tinder to adapt to your new location can be finicky. At first, I was having trouble getting Tinder to recognize where I was, and it kept bringing me to my default location (which was Reykjav√≠k, Iceland for some reason…). After some trial and error, I found that the easiest way to fake your Tinder location if it fails to register your location immediately, is to go to the discover preferences section of the app and change your age and search radius preferences. This, in effect, reloads your search results and gives Tinder the chance to update to your new location. You may need to change your discovery preferences several times before it registers.

*If you don’t feel like going through this process, there is a shortcut. Latin American Cupid allows you to connect and chat with women from all over Latin America regardless of your location.

Stay tuned for the coming weeks, when I will do a full-blown analysis (with controls) of major Latin American cities with a detailed report on where girls are the hottest, and where I received the most and least attention from the local Tinderellas.

Aside from that, happy swiping!

Until next time,



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