5 Easiest Places To Get Laid in Latin America

Some cities in Latin America are known for their rich culture. Others, for breathtaking architecture.

And then, there are cities that are known for having women that are easy to get with

It is what it is.

Here are those cities – the top places to get laid in Latin America!

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5 Easiest Places to Get Laid in Latin America


5) Mexico City, Mexico

D.F. is D.T.F. Hit Colonia Roma on a weekend and you’ll see what I mean.

mexican girl


4) Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

It’s reputation speaks for itself.

get laid latin america


3) Cali, Colombia

Sex, drugs and salsa! Plenty of all of them, but I suggest you aim more for the former than the latter. It might be a bit dangerous, but so what? It’s worth it.

colombian chicks


2) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

You’ll be Santo Dominating the local talent in this Dominican capital.

Check out this article to learn more about Lovely Dominican Girls.

dominican woman


1) Cusco, Peru

Basically in Cusco, all you have to do is show up — it is far and away The Easiest Place To Get Laid In South America. Even if you’ve only got a heartbeat and half a [redacted], that’s almost twice as much as you’ll need to get girls here. It is by far the easiest place to get laid in Latin America. 

peru girl world cup


One More Thing…

Yes, of course this list is subjective. Things may not be the same for you.

But, feel free to use this information as a heuristic.

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I hope you enjoy the site guys,

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10 thoughts on “5 Easiest Places To Get Laid in Latin America”

  1. I happened to come across this website by chance looking for information on traveling in Latin America, and I’m quite appalled by it. I know the culture of toxic masculinity still exists, but I admit I was shocked when I started reading these posts. Not only does this blog perpetuate misogyny through idealizing a culture of sexual conquest and rating women, it promotes stereotyping along with racial prejudice and discrimination of Latin American women. I sincerely hope you come to realize just how offensive and wrong your thinking is, but in the meantime, I hope that women living in Latin America find this website and expose this, and you, for the sexism and racism that you promote.

    • If the reality of certain consensual activities doesn’t appeal to you, then perhaps you should stay in your bubble or look away.

      • It shouldn’t matter if these activities are consensual, to encourage others to visit a country/city based on the likeability of them getting laid is directly objectifying and dangerous to the women/femme-identifying people that live there.

        There is absolutely NOTHING that will guarantee you get laid solely based on location. This post (albeit old) definitely perpetuates the "machismo" culture in these areas by inviting tourists to participate in a mindset that is dangerous to women/femme-identifying persons.

        Note that Mexico appears on this list. Did you know femicides and violence in Mexico have been steadily increasing? (https://www.theguardian.com/global-development/2020/jul/22/mexico-femicides-president-amlo-women-shelters)

        Stating that the content in this blog is "harmless" because it’s someone’s opinion or because it doesn’t involve others is incredibly ignorant. The way you, as an individual, perceive and engage with other cultures can be damaging.

        Your interactions within and around these cultures should be treated with basic human respect, i.e. not objectifying others and only valuing them based on the likelihood of them sleeping with you.

  2. Thanks for your article, this is what I’ve been looking for. Actually, Venezuela isn’t as bas as well (it’s the country who has brought the most Miss Universe after USA, and there is a "beauty culture" over there), but the problem is it’s a dangerous contry.

  3. I can’t say anything about before covid times but I can talk about how it is to get laid in Mexico city and cali during covid.
    Was in Mexico last year spend 3 months in Mexico city met bunch of foreigners in the hostel and we were all on the same page the hunting pussy page. So I am Middle eastern looking speak Spanish too and I was pretty successful but took me a lot of effort. I fucked some 8s but mostly 5s and mostly using dating apps. Met some European looking guys and they were having dates daily girls asking them out now I don’t know how there dates ended but a lot of them were not good looking or had any game still very successful, because the prefer light skin complexion there.

    Cali sucks the end.🤣
    Very difficult to even start a conversation here when going out. I was rejected before even getting to say hi. Night game day game whatever mostly didn’t even get to say hi because the bitch shield was strong. Dating apps well got like 200 matches in 2 weeks a few dates almost no sex the effort to success ratio very low. A lot of dates ended up them just trying to take advantage of me eating, drinking, drugs and uber back home. Also it seems like a lot of the women here have nothing to talk about and to me they are pretty boring personality wise. I like to have a deeper conversation haven’t found anyone that can share that intrest here.

    I was also told by a few Colombian women they prefer having sex with Latinos cause them others don’t hit it right specially European white guys are seen more as a marriage material than flings because I was told that they don’t fuck them good and have a bad body odor.

    Don’t know about the owner of this website but I don’t trust that people running these websites actually have experience. Kinda feel like they are run by asians and
    Indians which would be such a fail.

        • Receipts? The fuck you want me to do email you their names lol.

          Look, there are places that are tougher to crack than others. In my opinion, Mexico City and Cali are pretty straightforward but I can’t speak for everyone. I can’t account for variables like appearance, how autistic a dude acts, Spanish language ability etc. But if you ask around you’ll find that most guys do fine in Colombia and Mexico, so I don’t know what to tell ya!

          Also, if you’re trying to bang h*es during covid obviously you’re going to have to accept that it won’t be as easy as in non-pandemic times


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